Who was an American botanist?

Who was an American botanist?

John Torrey (1796-1873), was one of the most important leaders in the early development of scientific botany in 19th-century America, and gave shape to the young nation's understanding of plants.

Who is a famous botanist?

Often regarded as the father of taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus is certainly one of the most famous botanists in history. He may perhaps be one of the most famous scientists, period. Born in Sweden, Linnaeus went on to study botany at Uppsala University.Jun 24, 2020

Who is the father of botanist?

Theophrastus, a Greek naturalist is known as the Father of Botany, the Father of Zoology, and the Father of Embryology. Botany deals with the study of plants and their characteristics. He introduced the first time use of agriculture.

Who is the most famous botanist in India?

Professor Kailash Nath Kaul was an Indian botanist, agronomist, agricultural scientist, horticulturist, herbalist, naturalist, and a world authority on Arecaceae in the 1950s. Kaulinia, a genus of polypodiaceae, has been named after him.

Who is botanist?

Use the noun botanist to describe a biologist whose specialty is plants — the way they grow, the differences between them, and everything else that has to do with plant science.

Who is the founding father of botany?

Theophrastus (c. 371–286 BC), known as the 'father of botany', wrote many books, including the 10-volume set, Historia Plantarum ('Enquiry into Plants').Jan 26, 2020

What was John Bartram known for?

Bartram was the first North American experimenter to hybridize flowering plants, and he established near Philadelphia a botanical garden that became internationally famous.

Why is William Bartram famous?

Bartram was the author of an acclaimed book, now known by the shortened title Bartram's Travels, which chronicled his explorations of the southern British colonies in North America from 1773 to 1777. Bartram has been described as "the first naturalist who penetrated the dense tropical forests of Florida".

What did John Bartram invent?

He is best known today for the discovery and introduction of a wide range of North American flowering trees and shrubs, including kalmia, rhododendron, and magnolia species; for introducing the Dionaea muscipulia or Venus flytrap to cultivation; and for discovering the Franklin tree, Franklinia alatamaha in ...

What type of scientist was John Bartram?

John Bartram of Darby was America's first botanist. Born in 1699, he was self-taught in botany and came to find respect through commissions made by Peter Collinson, a London merchant. Bartram would go on to record scientifically numerous plant forms for the first time. He became Royal Botanist to George III in 1765.

What did John and William Bartram do?

“John Bartram's Travels on the St. Johns River, 1765-1766.” In the winter of 1765-66 a sixty-six year old Quaker from Pennsylvania named John Bartram, accompanied by his son William Bartram, traveled in a dugout canoe to explore East Florida's most important waterway, the St. Johns River.