Which of the following is found in eudicot leaves but not in monocot leaves?

Which of the following is found in eudicot leaves but not in monocot leaves?

Eudicot leaves have spongy mesophyll and palisade mesophyll, whereas monocot leaves do not have specialized mesophyll cells.

How are monocot leaves different from eudicot leaves?

The two main differences defining most monocot and eudicot leaves are the patterning of the vasculature, which is typically parallel in monocots and reticulate in eudicots, and the presence of a sheathing leaf base in monocots that encircles the stem (Kaplan, 1973).Aug 14, 2018

How can you differentiate dicot leaf from that of monocot leaf explain with suitable examples?

The major differences between a monocot and a dicot leaf are seen in their shape, size, coloration, venation, stomata, Intercellular spaces, Motor cells, Epidermis, and mesophylls. Based on the number of embryonic or cotyledon leaves, plants are divided into two categories – Monocots and Dicots.Sep 15, 2022

How do monocots and dicots differ in the venation of leaves Class 11?

In Dicots, Midrib, lateral veins and veinlets form a network so called Reticulate venation. In Monocots, the veins run parallel to each other within a lamina so called parallel venation.Jun 27, 2022

What is found in a eudicot stem but not a monocot stem?

Phloem parenchyma is present in dicot stem and it is absent in monocot stem.

What do eudicots have that monocots dont?

Eudicots have reticulate (net-like) venation on their leaves, while monocots usually have parallel venation (Chapter 4). However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, kalo/taro is a monocot that does not have parallel veins on the leaves (Figure 9.2.Jan 13, 2022

Which of the following is found in a dicot stem but not in a monocot stem?

There are several differences between dicot and monocot stems. Dicot stem has cortex, pith and hairs which is absent in monocot stems.

What is the difference between monocot stems and dicot stems?

Monocot stems are a circular-shaped stem with lateral branches and are bounded with a layer of the dermis. Dicot stems have a well-defined epidermis with cuticle, a layer of dermis along with multicellular stem hair. In this multicellular epidermal hair are present over the epidermis.

What do eudicots have that is not present in monocots quizlet?

In monocots, there is only one opening. In eudicots, the grain has three openings. In monocots, the roots are usually fibrous, which means they have no main roots. In eudicots, there is usually a main root present.

What do Dicots have that is not present in monocots quizlet?

In dicots, the blade is attached to the stem by a leaf stalk called the petiole. Monocot leaves lack a petiole and are attached directly to the stem. Furthermore, dicot leaves have a broad blade and monocot leaves have a slender blade.

What is the difference between monocots and eudicots?

Monocots have one cotyledon (mono = one; cotyledon = seed leaf) and eudicots have two (eu = true; di = two; cotyledon = seed leaf). For example, beans are eudicots and when their seeds germinate it is easy to see the two cotyledons (Chapter 5, Figure 9.2. 1).Jan 13, 2022