Where did Acacia get its name?

Where did Acacia get its name?

Although some of the species of acacia might look entirely different, they are still part of the same Fabaceae pea family. The genus name comes from the Greek word akakia meaning thorny Egyptian tree.Feb 21, 2022

Why is Acacia called Acacia?

Our name, Acacia, comes from the Greek word AKAKIA which has several different meanings. Acacia means "distinctiveness and leadership among men", "brotherhood", and "strength and ruggedness of the spirit". Acacia was founded in 1904 by 14 Master Masons at the University of Michigan.

What is Acacia frat known for?

Acacia brothers come together through events like football games and movie nights, philanthropy efforts like the Acacia Claus holiday toy drive and 5cacia 5k run/walk, and countless other events in each chapter across North America.

When was Acacia fraternity founded?

Acacia fraternity was founded on 12 May 1904, by a group of 14 Freemasons attending the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. From the time of its founding, members of other fraternities were eligible for membership in Acacia.