What is your forest?

What is your forest?

What is a forest? A forest is a complex ecological system in which trees are the dominant life-form. A forest is nature's most efficient ecosystem, with a high rate of photosynthesis affecting both plant and animal systems in a series of complex organic relationships.Nov 5, 2022

What is your forest answer?

A forest can be defined as a region with a high density of trees. Forest is the habitat for a variety of living beings including plants, animals and microorganisms.

What do you think is the forest?

Forest is a large area thickly covered with different varieties of trees and plants. It also includes different animals, insects and birds living there.

What will you see in a forest?

“We know forests are healthy when we see variety of young and old trees, many different tree species, shrubs, grasses and flowers,” said Kuyper. “When forests are rich in plant life, they also tend to be rich in birds, insects, large carnivores and prey animals.”Oct 11, 2022

Why do you see in a forest?

In forest we can able to see wild animals. Greenary nature,many plants,trees, shrubs, herbs etc ..... We can also see different types of birds,reptiles etc....May 9, 2019

What is forest in nature?

Forests are a valuable resource providing food, shelter, wildlife habitat, fuel, and daily supplies such as medicinal ingredients and paper. Forests play an important role in balancing the Earth's CO2 supply and exchange, acting as a key link between the atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere.Nov 20, 2015

Why is it called forest?

The word forest derives from the Old French forest (also forès), denoting "forest, vast expanse covered by trees"; forest was first introduced into English as the word denoting wild land set aside for hunting without necessarily having trees on the land.

How is woods different from forest?

The difference between woods and forests comes down to canopy cover and tree density. While forests are known for thicker canopy cover (the amount of land covered by the tops of trees), woods usually have a more open canopy and sparser tree density, keeping the soil drier and unshaded.May 14, 2021

Why is forest so important?

They purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent erosion, and act as an important buffer against climate change. Forests offer a home to much of the world's diverse array of plants and animals and provide essential natural resources from timber and food to medicinal plants.

What makes a forest?

Forests are ecosystems characterized by a dominance of tree cover and they contain a variety of other organisms (e.g., other plants, animals). Forests differ in composition and structure. These are both affected by biotic (e.g., animals, plants, humans) and abiotic (e.g., soil, moisture, sunlight, climate) factors.

What are 5 characteristics of a forest?

Key Characteristics

  • largest and most complex terrestrial biome.
  • dominated by trees and other woody vegetation.
  • significant role in the global intake of carbon dioxide and production of oxygen.
  • threatened by deforestation for logging, agriculture, and human habitation.
May 20, 2018