What is the most expensive cycad?

What is the most expensive cycad?

Pricing: Encephalartos woodii is one of the most expensive plants to obtain that there is (see above). We very rarely have one for sale.

Why are cycads so expensive?

Cycads are one of the oldest and most endangered plant groups on Earth. This boosts their status for collectors and makes them highly valuable and sought after in the illegal cycad trade, a multi-million-pound global industry.Aug 5, 2020

What is the most expensive cycad in South Africa?

Availability: Encephalartos woodii would be considered by most to be the most rare cycad in the world. This is because there is only one primary male plant in South Africa and any other plants had to be, by definition, from an offset off of this one plant.

How much is my cycad worth?

Collectors pay for cycads by the seed or centimetre of caudex length. With some plants fetching US$1000 per seed, a plant no more than a metre high could be worth US$100,000 – the value of a decent-sized rhino horn.Nov 2, 2020

Are cycads expensive?

Cycads are greatly prized by collectors and rare specimens can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.Jan 4, 2022

How many Wood's cycad are left?

Possibly as many as 500 specimens exist, all of them derived from basal suckers or offsets from the original plants discovered by John Medley Wood.

Is Wood's cycad extinct?

Encephalartos woodii, Wood's cycad, is a rare cycad in the genus Encephalartos, and is endemic to the oNgoye Forest of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is one of the rarest plants in the world, being extinct in the wild with all specimens being clones of the type.

Why are woods cycad extinct?

Cycads are in danger of becoming extinct both because they live in endangered habitats such as tropical forests, and because they grow so slowly and reproduce so infrequently. Several species are already extinct in the wild. Many more are under threat from habitat destruction, and pressure from unscrupulous collectors.

Why did the wood's cycad go extinct?

Conservation Status

Some of the original stems were killed through bark harvesting and the last wild plants had been transferred to botanic gardens by 1916.

Are cycads rare in the wild?

These rare and ancient plants can sell for millions each, but the trade is detrimental to conservation. Cycads are one of the oldest and most endangered plant groups on Earth.Aug 5, 2020

When did Wood's cycad go extinct?

All but extinct

In 1895 Medley Wood collected a male specimen of Encephalartos woodii from a steep mountain slope in Natal, South Africa. Cycads are dioecious but to date, despite intensive searching, only one male specimen of this species has been found. This plant can therefore only be propagated through cuttings.