What is the main component of gutta-percha?

What is the main component of gutta-percha?

In crude form, its composition is made of Gutta (75%–82%), Alban (14%–16%), Fluavil (4%–6%), and also tannin, salts, and saccharine.

What is the main component in gutta-percha point?

Gutta-percha endodontic filling points were found to contain approximately 20% gutta-percha (matrix), 66% zinc oxide (filler), 11% heavy metal sulfates (radiopacifier), and 3% waxes and/or resins (plasticizer).

Why is gutta-percha used in root canals?

Abstract. Objective: Gutta percha is commonly used in conjunction with a sealer to produce a fluid-tight seal within the root canal fillings.

Does gutta-percha contain latex?

Of course not! For our patients with latex allergies, we have latex-free root filling options your safety. Gutta-percha is thermoplastic, meaning it softens on heating and hardens when it cools.Jul 13, 2016

Is gutta-percha safe for latex allergy?

Since gutta-percha is chemically related to latex, those who experience allergic reactions to latex also experience some kind of cross-sensitivity to gutta-percha. Latex allergies are usually immediate and nare characterized by itching, hives, or even anaphylaxis.

Which obturation material can be used when the patient allergy to latex?

The use of gutta-percha for obturation during root canal therapy in latex-allergic patients.

Can you be allergic to a root canal?

In the dental literature 28 patients with immediate symptoms to formaldehyde containing root canal compounds have been described [89]. The characteristic features of formaldehyde allergy are anaphylactic reaction [90] or shock [91] and generalized urticaria [89,92].

What is gutta-percha cones?

The gutta-percha cones used in endodontic treatment are produced in aseptic conditions and their composition includes zinc oxide, which is responsible for antibacterial activity. However, there is the possibility of microbial contamination by manipulation, aerosol or during storage.Apr 1, 2020

What is gutta-percha cone?

The gutta-percha cone is fit to the radiographic terminus of the root canal system. The cone is then cut back short of the radiographic terminus, which allows for molding into the portal of exit.May 1, 2005

What is in gutta-percha?

Gutta-percha is a natural rubber material obtained from Palaquium trees, native to South-east Asia. The trees are felled, allowed to coagulate, and then the rubber-like sap is collected and shaped into bricks for shipping.Sep 14, 2021

What kind of material is gutta-percha?

Gutta-percha is purified, coagulated latex obtained from trees of the genera Palaquium and Payena (Sapotaceae), which are found both wild and cultivated in Malaysia and Indonesia. The method of collection resembles that used for rubber but the latex flows less readily.