What is the height of silver fir tree?

What is the height of silver fir tree?

silver fir, (Abies alba), tree growing to a height of 150 feet; abundant in the mountainous regions of central and southern Europe.

How fast do silver fir trees grow?

Planted seedlings also grow slowly, with height increments of 3 to 15 cm (I to 6 in) for the first few years after planting (47). On productive sites at low elevations, Pacific silver fir is capable of much greater rates, averaging 90 cm (35 in) per year above breast height on some 30-year-old trees (16).

How fast do fir trees grow?

Growth Rate

This tree grows at a medium rate, with height increases of 13–24" per year.

How do you grow silver fir?

Performs best in full sun or part shade in rich, slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soils. No pruning required. Silver fir is particularly susceptible to frost desiccation due to late spring frosts. It is also sensitive to fire, insects, fungi and pollution.

What does a silver fir tree look like?

Silver Fir - Overview

Its trunk is straight and its branches horizontal. Its bark is smooth, silvery grey, has small pockets of resin, then cracks with age. Its leaves are dark green coloured needles above and are marked by a strong midrib below, separating two silvery white bands.

Is silver fir a pine tree?

Silver fir is a large, needled evergreen in the Pinaceae (pine) family that is found growing in higher altitude forests in Europe where it was used as a popular Christmas tree. This conifer has a long life-span and is the largest tree of the Abies genus.