What is the difference between red and white fir?

What is the difference between red and white fir?

Red firs grow higher in the mountains, with short, dark, dense needles. White firs grow closer to lake level, with long, light, flat needles. Whitebark pines are common on windy mountain slopes. Lodgepole Pines are the most common trees where we snowshoe.

What is red fir good for?

Common Uses: Construction lumber, paper (pulpwood), plywood, and other utility wood purposes.

What is red fir used for?

Common Uses: Construction lumber, paper (pulpwood), plywood, and other utility wood purposes.

Is Douglas fir and red fir the same thing?

Another Scott, Archibald Menzies, takes the honors for the scientific name, menziesii. The genus name, Pseudotsuga, means "false hemlock." Botanists often write the common name as "Douglas-fir" to indicate that it is not a true fir. Other common names: Oregon pine, red fir, and red spruce.

Is red fir good to burn in wood stove?

Fir is good firewood because it burns well and produces high heat with only a moderate amount of sparks.

What is fir wood good for?

Fir wood is heavily used in the construction industry, as it is known to be stable, strong, and useful in framing buildings. In some instances, it is commonly used in the creation of different types of furniture items. It is popular for creating chairs, tables, and all other furniture item due to its natural character.Dec 17, 2016

What is white fir wood used for?

White Fir is one of the most versatile softwoods in America. It is widely used in residential and light commercial construction, particularly for framing, and is extremely valuable to general industry as a general utility and specialty material.

What is the difference between Douglas fir and white fir?

When comparing the Douglas Fir and the White Fir, there is quite a difference in the color and length of the needles and fullnes of the tree shape. The branches on the Douglas Fir are flimsy and droop down when Christmas tree ornaments are placed on them.

Is white fir a strong wood?

Many species of fir have excellent stiffness-to-weight ratios, especially white fir, which rivals other softwood species such as Sitka spruce (known for its combination of low density and relatively high modulus of elasticity).

Is white fir weather resistant?

White fir may grow one and one-half feet per year with good growing conditions. This tree can take exposure and will withstand some heat and drought better than most firs. Abies firma is much more heat-tolerant, has green glossy foliage, and grows even further south into USDA hardiness zone 8.