What is the difference between Cassia and cinnamon?

What is the difference between Cassia and cinnamon?

The main difference between Cassia and cinnamon is that the Cassia is the Chinese cinnamon originated in Southern China whereas cinnamon is a spice created from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree. Cassia and cinnamon are two types of spices originated from the inner bark.Aug 13, 2018

Is cassia real cinnamon?

Some people will tell you that that cassia cinnamon is "fake" cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon is real cinnamon. This is not true. They are both real types of cinnamon, but we're inclined to think that Ceylon is a higher quality spice across the board.Sep 27, 2018

What is the purest form of cinnamon?

There are several species of trees with the cinnamon-yielding bark, but they're all from the genus Cinnamonum. If you start looking into cinnamon's provenance, you'll find a school of thought that insists there is only one kind of "true" cinnamon - from the bark of C. verum, which is native to Sri Lanka.Oct 24, 2017

What is the purest cinnamon?

Ceylon cinnamon contains all of the health-promoting properties of cinnamon with none of the toxic properties, which is why it's the healthiest type of cinnamon.Sep 3, 2022

What is the best cinnamon in the world?

Saigon cinnamon is usually considered strongest in flavor and routinely has the highest volatile oil content. Korintje comes in second place for high volatile oil content, with a smoother finish and less bite compared to Saigon and cassia.Nov 4, 2021

What is the original form of cinnamon?

The 'original' or 'true' cinnamon comes from a tree called Cinnamomum zeylanicum. This types originates from Sri Lanka and South India, with Sri Lanka still being by far the largest producer of it. The other major type of cinnamon is the cassia cinnamon, which can be Cinnamomum cassia, or C. burmannii or C.Jan 5, 2020

Is cassia and Ceylon cinnamon the same?

Cassia cinnamon sticks are darker in color and comprised of a thick layer of rolled bark, whereas Ceylon sticks are lighter with thinner, more fibrous-looking layers. The distinction is harder to make with the powdered form, but if not called out on the label, it is safe to assume you are buying cassia cinnamon.Oct 15, 2021