What is nomen superfluum?

What is nomen superfluum?

' (= nomen superfluum, = superfluous name) refers to a name that, when published, was applied to a taxon that, as circumscribed by its author, definitely included the type of a name that ought to have been adopted.

What is superfluous name?

Superfluous names are one kind of a larger class of names, namely new names with the type of a previously published valid name included in their protologue.Mar 27, 2014

What is effective and valid publication?

Effective and Valid Publication: Any printed matter when widely circulated is regarded as effectively published. It is sufficient, if the printed matter is distributed at least to the botanical institutions with libraries accessible to botanists generally.

What is effective publication?

effective publication (noun, pl. effective publications;nomenclature term) – a set of rules in biological nomenclature that regulates how names of taxa have to be published to be recognized by the scientific community; e. g., a taxon name is not effective if it was not published in a scientific journal.

What is effective and valid publication in taxonomy?

valid publications;nomenclature term) – a set of rules in biological nomenclature that regulates whether the name of a taxon can be accepted; in order to be valid a taxon name must be effectively published, accompanied by a description or diagnosis and comply with several other provisions of the relevant code.

What is valid publication in taxonomy?

Valid publication of a name represents the minimum requirements for a botanical name to exist: terms that appear to be names but have not been validly published are referred to in the ICN as "designations".

What does nomen mean in biology?

In biological nomenclature, a nomen novum (Latin for "new name"), new replacement name (or replacement name, new substitute name, substitute name) is a scientific name that is created specifically to replace another scientific name, but only when this other name cannot be used for technical, nomenclatural reasons (for ...

What does nomen mean in science?

Entities Res and Nomen. • Res: Any entity in the universe of discourse (=superclass of all) • Nomen: An association between an entity and a designation that refers to it。 8. (Res means 'Thing' in Latin)

What is the definition of nomen?

an ancient Roman's second name, designating the person's gens or clan. See also agnomen, cognomen, praenomen. Word origin. Latin: a name.

What is the meaning of nomen in Greek?

NOMEN (ὄνομα), name.

What does the root word nomen mean?

Latin nomin-, nomen name — more at name.