What is mother axis in a flower?

What is mother axis in a flower?

Mother axis: The shoot on which the flower is borne is called the mother axis. The side of the mother axis is always posterior, while the side of the bract is anterior.

How do you show Mother axis in a floral diagram?

Solution : A dot on the top of the floral diagram represents the position of the mother axis.Jun 27, 2022

What is meant by floral axis?

Floral axis is basically the flower stalk. Each flower consists of a floral axis upon which are borne the essential organs of reproduction and usually acessory organs are borne.Aug 25, 2013

Is floral axis and thalamus same?

Thalamus (torus/receptacle) is condensed end of floral axis on which floral leaves are inserted.

What is the other name of thalamus in flower?

Thalamus refers to the thickened part in the stem of the flower. It is also known as the receptacle or torus.

Which are the floral parts of thalamus?

Based on the position of the calyx, corolla and androecium in relation to the ovary on the thalamus, the flowers are divided into 3 types, namely hypognous, perigynous and epigynous. In hypogynous flowers, the ovary is superior as it is present on thalamus.

Is floral axis and peduncle same?

In botany, a peduncle is a stalk supporting an inflorescence or a solitary flower, or, after fecundation, an infructescence or a solitary fruit. The peduncle sometimes has bracts (a type of cataphylls) at nodes. The main axis of an inflorescence above the peduncle is the rachis.