What is forest inventory and analysis?

What is forest inventory and analysis?

Forest Inventory & Analysis

FIA reports on status and trends in forest area and location; in the species, size, and health of trees; in total tree growth, mortality, and removals by harvest; in wood production and utilization rates by various products; and in forest land ownership.

What is the purpose of forest inventory?

The aim of the statistical forest inventory is to provide comprehensive information about the state and dynamics of forests for strategic and management planning. Merely looking at the forest for assessment is called taxation.

What is the purpose of a tree inventory?

A tree inventory is a record of location and characteristics of individual trees and, sometimes, characteristics of their environs, within a defined geographic area. For municipalities, tree inventories typically include street trees and trees in parks or other municipally owned properties.

How does the forest inventory work?

Forest inventory is the systematic collection of data on the forestry resources within a given area. It allows assessment of the current status and lays the ground for analysis and planning, constituting the basis for sustainable forest management.

How do you measure forest inventory?

Multiply plot size (in acres) times 43,560 square feet per acre to obtain number of square feet contained in the plot. Using the formula for the area of a rectangle or square (Area = width*height or Area = side squared), substitute the plot area for “A” and solve for “w” (width) and “h” (height) or s2 (side squared).Jul 18, 2018

How is forest measured?

Among the most notable are use of geographic information systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, satellite imagery, and airborne LiDAR and DEMs that are being used to measure and monitor trees and forests.Jun 14, 2019

How are trees measured?

Tree circumference is measured at 4.5 ft. height on the trunk. It is easiest to measure with a flexible tape measure, but a string can be used to mark the circumference and then measured with a ruler or rigid measuring tape.

What measurement is used to measure trees?

Diameter at breast height, or DBH, is the standard for measuring trees. DBH refers to the tree diameter measured at 4.5 feet above the ground.

How are new trees measured?

Three measurements: Trunk Circumference (inches), Height (feet), and Average Crown Spread (feet). Trees of the same species are compared using the following calculation: Trunk Circumference (inches) + Height (feet) + ¼ Average Crown Spread (feet) = Total Points.

How are tree diameters measured?

Tree diameter is usually measured at 4.5 feet (ft) above ground level. Measurement at this height is referred to as diameter at breast height or DBH. DBH can be measured with a specially calibrated tape measure called a diameter tape (d-tape) available from most arborist or forestry supply dealers.

How do you calculate the length of a tree?

Calculating tree height requires the use of basic trigonometry: h = Tan A x d, where h is the tree height, d is the distance from tree, and A is the angle to the top of the tree.