What is community forestry program?

What is community forestry program?

Community forestry refers to forest and tree management activities undertaken either individually or cooperatively by the local people, either on their own or on leased private lands, on communal lands or on state lands.

What is meant by community forestry Programme?

Community forestry is an evolving branch of forestry whereby the local community plays a significant role in forest management and land use decision making by themselves in the facilitating support of government as well as change agents.

How do you understand the Programme community based forest management?

Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) is a program of the Filipino government to encourage reforestation and sustainable management of forests. Under a CBFM agreement, a community is entitled to develop and use a forest area and its resources for 25 years.Jun 7, 2011

What do you understand about sustainable forest management?

Sustainable forest management offers a holistic approach to ensure forest activities deliver social, environmental and economic benefits, balance competing needs and maintain and enhance forest functions now and in the future.

What is the meaning of communal forest?

communal forest. A tract of forest land set aside by the Secretary of the DENR upon the recommendation of the concerned local government unit for the use of the residents of a municipality or city.

What is community forestry program in the Philippines?

Launched in 1989, the CFP: ... embodies DENR's commitment to democratize access to forest resources; it champions the principles of social justiceandresource sustainability byallowing organized upland communities to benefit from the remaining forest resources of the country (Guiang, 1992:40).

What is the role of forestry in community development?

Forestry for local community development is thus concerned with enabling people both to draw upon existing forests, and where needed to grow more trees, in order to secure such inputs into their life system as supplies of fuelwood, food, fodder, building timbers and other products for the home and farm, income to ...

What is the role of forestry?

They purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent erosion, and act as an important buffer against climate change. Forests offer a home to much of the world's diverse array of plants and animals and provide essential natural resources from timber and food to medicinal plants.

What is the importance of community forestry?

By working with communities to strengthen their forest rights, rather than undermining them, governments can ensure numerous sustainable development benefits. Strong community forest rights help communities protect their forests, reducing CO₂ emissions from deforestation and improving forest health.Jul 17, 2014

What are the forest management programs in the Philippines?

Tenurial Instruments

  • Community Based Forest Management Agreement (CBFMA)
  • Special Forest Land Use Agreement (FLAg)
  • Special Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism (FLAgT)
  • Forest Land Grazing Management Agreement (FLGMA)
  • Integrated Forest Management Agreement (IFMA)
  • Socialized Industrial Forest Management Agreement (SIFMA)

What forest management approach is being done in the Philippines?

Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) is currently the Philippines' major strategy for the sustainable development of the country's forest resources and social justice.