What is acacia gum used for?

What is acacia gum used for?

Gum acacia is used as a food stabilizer, emulsifier or thickener, improving the texture of food products without affecting other qualities such as taste.

What does gum acacia do to your body?

Acacia gum contains water-soluble dietary fibers (WSDF) that are not only good fiber for your diet but also helpful in keeping your cholesterol under control. One study showed that taking 15 grams of acacia gum in liquid form every day helped manage the concentration of plasma cholesterols in blood.

What are the medicinal benefits of acacia?

In traditional medicine, Acacia Nilotica is widely used. This plant has anti-microbial, anti-plasmodial and antioxidant activity and used for treatment of human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis C virus and cancer. 7 It is useful for treatment of venereal diseases, nausea, burns and wounds, stomachache and diarrhea.Dec 31, 2016

Is acacia gum inflammatory?

Gum Arabic (GA) is gummy exudates from Acacia senegal tree. Gum Arabic fermentation by colonic bacteria increases serum butyrate concentrations, so it is considered as prebiotic agent. Gum Arabic (GA) has anti-inflammatory activity through its derivative butyrate.