What can I do with conifer clippings?

What can I do with conifer clippings?

A quick Google tells me that some people use sections of cut-down Leylandii trees in aviaries to provide secluded roosting space for small birds. Other people shred them up and use them as woodchippings for paths – they will compost down eventually but will probably take a few years.Jul 18, 2011

What do you do with conifer cuttings?


  1. Place in a sheltered spot, out of direct sunlight and wait for cuttings to root over the next 12 months. ...
  2. Keep compost moist and occasionally spray cuttings to help with loss of water through transpiration.
  3. Conifers take a long time to root and won't be ready to be given their own pots until next autumn.

Can you put conifer clippings in compost?

Like all plant matter, conifers, including Leylandii, can be composted but most people avoid adding them to their usual compost heap. The branches and leaves are very acidic so can upset the balance of your compost heap and later, your soil. The resin can also be toxic, so be careful of that.

Can you take conifer cuttings?

Conifers are propagated by taking semi-ripe cuttings from the current season's growth, when the wood is woody at the base but soft at the tip. You'll need to be patient – conifers can take up to a year to root and will be ready to pot on the following autumn.Sep 13, 2019

How do you start conifers from cuttings?

How to Grow Conifers From Cuttings

  1. Prepare the Soil. To begin propagating conifers by cuttings, fill a 4-inch deep tray with a mixture of equal parts coarse sand, perlite and peat moss. ...
  2. Obtain Your Cuttings. ...
  3. Use a Rooting Hormone. ...
  4. Plant the Cuttings in the Medium. ...
  5. Watch for Growth.