Is silver fir same as white fir?

Is silver fir same as white fir?

Commonly referred to as "White Fir", Silver Fir is fresh and slightly-camphorous aroma evokes stability, energy and empowerment. Native to North America and Europe, Fir trees produce needle-like leaves and have soft, odorless wood. There are about 40 different species of fir trees on the planet.

What does a silver fir look like?

Pacific silver fir is a high-elevation tree that can reach a height of 200 feet (60 meters). It is easily distinguished from other high-elevation firs by its needles and unique bark. Needles: Pacific silver fir has needles similar to grand fir, dark green on top with white lines underneath.

How do I identify my Pacific silver fir?

Diagnostic Characters: Like Grand Fir, Pacific Silver Fir has needles that spread horizontally from the sides, but they have shorter needles on the top that point forward and lie flat against the twig. This gives each twig an appearance similar to hairs growing on a dog's tail.Mar 12, 2014

What does silver fir smell like?

Silver Fir Essential Oil smells fresh, woody, coniferous, earthy and sweet.

What does fir needle smell like?

Aroma The crisp coniferous aroma of fir needle essential oil has a soft-green scent. It evokes the comforting feel of being surrounded by an evergreen forest and has bright top notes that are citrus-like with an aromatic piney body.

What does Siberian Fir smell like?

Siberian fir has a woodsy and earthy smell. It also is very crisp and fresh. Siberian fir has a warm and cozy aroma.