Do Iberico pigs only eat acorns?

Do Iberico pigs only eat acorns?

For generations, Iberico pigs have been raised in these meadows, fed exclusively with acorns and pastures found in these spots. This acorn-based diet made their fat have a high presence of unsaturated fatty acids, that are proven to be healthy, particularly oleic acid, which amounts to 60%.Jun 21, 2018

What does Iberico pigs eat?

During the spring and summer months the pigs will eat grass, mushrooms, bugs, and herbs.. Then, from October to March, it is acorn season, with acorns falling from the dehesas. Acorn is the favorite food of the Iberico pig, and it will eat a lot of them.Jul 18, 2019

What is Iberico pork fed?

Raised Naturally on an organic diet.

Raised naturally in pristine pastures on an organic diet, the Iberico pig delivers a flavor like no other pork. They freely feed on acorns, which infiltrates the rich fats in the meat giving it a unique flavor. Fats naturally capture flavors from the diet of the pigs.

What does Jamón Ibérico pigs eat?

Both the evergreen cork trees and the oaks produce acorns at different times of year. This extends the period of feasting for the Iberian pigs. Along with grasses, saplings and wild legumes, they make up the vast majority of the diet of these animals.

What acorns do Iberico pigs eat?

5J is one of the few brands to exclusively use pure Iberico pigs. Then there's the acorns, the bellota, which fall from oak and cork trees from early October to early March on the farms where the pigs are raised.

What makes Iberico pork so special?

Iberico Pork comes from the distinctive Black Iberian Pig. Native to areas of Portugal and central and southern Spain, the pigs' diet of acorns and elements of the natural forests in these areas impacts the meat directly, giving it a nutty, evocative flavour.

What nuts do Iberico pigs eat?

Iberico pigs love acorns. I mean they really love acorns. Each pig can eat ten kilos of acorns a day. When the pigs destined to be Bellota hams are released onto the Dehesa at the age of about 10 months they weigh in about 200 pounds each.

What do pata negra pigs eat?


The acorns that the Ibérico pigs eat in the Dehesa forest (Holm oak forest) during the Montanera period. (The “Montanera” period refers to the time in which the pigs live in the Dehesa forest freely and feed mainly on grass and acrons). The Acorns are the main source of energy of the Ibérico pigs.

Is all Iberico ham acorn fed?

Of all commercially raised Iberico pigs, only 5% are both pure breed and acorn-fed.

What do they feed Iberico ham?

Most Jamon Iberico is made from Iberico pigs who live normal pig lives eating corn and other feed. It is still an excellent ham, benefiting from the noble lineage of the Iberico pig. But for the ultimate ham, you must add 'bellota', or acorns.

What pigs are fed acorns?

Acorn-fed Iberico pork is a delicacy in many countries because it comes from special black Iberian pigs that are only fed acorns on the plains of the Iberian Peninsula, giving it a unique flavor. It comes in a wide variety of different choices including ham, chorizo, loin, and salami.Sep 13, 2022