Can you make moonshine in a reflux still?

Can you make moonshine in a reflux still?

This is one of it's biggest advantages over a pot still . If your looking to make a high proof flavorless moonshine then a Reflux / Column still is what you want to make.Nov 29, 2014

Can you make whiskey with a reflux still?

you can do it with a reflux, even a really good reflux, but you have to wait a long time for your cuts to get down to 80% where you can start collecting actual whisky. my reflux was made for whisky. the highest proof i've ever gotten out of my copper reflux still is 86% ABV.Aug 10, 2006

What can you make with a reflux still?

A Reflux still can produce high proof alcohol in a single run because it effectively re-distills the alcohol multiple times within the column before it is drawn off by the condenser.Nov 29, 2014

What is a reflux moonshine still?

A REFLUX or PLATED still does multiple distillations in one single pass, by having some packing in a column between the condenser & the pot, and allowing some of the vapor to condense and trickle back down through the packing. This "reflux" of liquid helps clean the rising vapor and increase the % purity.

At what temperature do you stop collecting with a reflux still?

Make sure you finish collecting the spirit before the temperature rises above 82C. Measure how fast the alcohol is coming out of the still.

Can you put a thumper on a reflux still?

you can't run a thumper off a reflux column, there just isn't enough energy left to run the thump.Jan 29, 2014

What do you put in a thumper on a still?

Fruit, herbs, or spices can be placed in the thumper where their essences are, in effect, steam-extracted along with the alcohol during this virtual second distillation.Mar 31, 2018

Do you put anything in a thumper?

Distillers usually add spirit tails, low wines, water, or whiskey to their thumper keg to cool the alcohol vapors coming from the potstill. However, you can include other fruits, herbs, or spices to add different flavor combinations to your spirits.Feb 10, 2021

Does a thumper increase ABV?

The latent heat of vapourisation released, heats the thumper and the additional alcohol condensed raises the abv of the wash and lowers it's boiling point as you said earlier.Jul 5, 2017

When should I stop reflux still?

Measure how fast the alcohol is coming out of the still. If it is coming out faster than 1.5L per hour, then it will need to be repaired – contact your dealer. Make sure that before distilling the wash, that it has completely stopped bubbling, and use a hydrometer to check that it is between 980 and 990.

How long does a reflux still take?

If the product is coming out very slow

Time how long it takes to fill – it should take about 12 minutes. If it takes longer than this, then you will need to clean the orifice.