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Converting a fretless zither to a hammered dulcimer?
You can't. The fretless zither is set up on a straight diatonic or chromatic scale run...pretty sound. You can play your fretless zither with hammers though - you just have to do so along the...
Zippy Zither question....?
The you need a new Zippy Zither Zstring. Go to the Zippy Zither Zstring...
What's the difference between a dulcimer and a zither?
...39;t german shepherds. A dulcimer (both types) is a zither - all zithers aren't a dulcimer. What makes an instrument...
Hi, is there a zither that sounds deep out there? Like a dulcimer(I'm considering a student model)? What is the deepest sounding one?
Hi Bryanna. The zithers form a huge family. While the American dulcimer is unique, it...
Where can I buy a Zither?
The first thing to do is to research zithers on the Net. One thing you'll learn right away is that they...
Where to buy vintage zither strings?
A quick google search showed that zither strings are hard to find. You might check...m sure that they could make strings to fit your zither...if you can supply them with the length and gauge. http...
A Paragraph using words; Zephyr,zither,zymase,zenith,zinnia,zealot,zany,zebu,zeil,zircon?
... in the garden among her zinnias playing her zither and watching the zymase convert her secret concoction into a health mixture...
witch is better a lap harp or zither?
Lap harps can be played with both hands. Zithers are more limited in playing, harder to play two ...
How to make a Chinese zither (guzheng) at home? === this 2nd plan seems to be ...
Does anyone know if Zither string is the same as say guitar string?
Heavens, no! They're not the same! I'm not even sure the zither can take the tension. Don't end up destroying it.