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Single replacement reaction for Copper and Zincate ions.?
According to one website, zincate ions form in basic solution: "CHEMICAL ..., zinc will combine to form the complex ion known as a zincate ion. [Zn(OH)4] - - or [Zn(OH)3...
What is the formula for Sodium Zincate? Is it Na2ZnO2 or NaZn(OH)4? What's the difference?
Typical Sodium zincate is Na2ZnO2, but when isolated from concentrated...
Formation of Zincate Ion?
...also in the previous year's lab manual and the answer to the first part, with zincate is: Zn(H20)6 (2+) + 2OH(-)(aq) becomes Zn...
Sodium Zincate is a what?
sodium zincate is usually hydrated to form a complex salt {Na2Zn(OH)4}
What´s the common name for sodium Zincate?
Sodium Zincate - refers to anionic zinc oxides or hydroxides
Stontium Zincate?
The different centering give rise to systematic absences, meaning whole lines or planes of reflections will literally be missing, so their hkl values will be zero. Look up the systematic absences for the...
What is the molecular formula of potassium zincate? Please..?
What is the effect of adding HCl to a solution of sodium zincate?
I guess from the reaction, 4HCl + Na2ZnO2 ---> 2NaCl + ZnCl2 + 2H2O An aqueous mixture of sodium chloride and zinc chloride form. (Logically reasoned) W@W.
How could Zn react with NaOH to form Soodium Zincate even though Zn is a less reactive metal than Sodium???
So what! Zn is not displacing Na. Being amphoteric its just combining with NaOH to produce Na2ZnO2. The question of reactivity comes when displacement is likely to occur.Here its not the case...
I am confused with the chemical formula of ammonium zincate. I got (NH4)2ZnO2. is this correct? please help me?
Yes, you are correct. You start off with (NH4)^+(ZnO2)^-2. To correct the formula, you simply double ammonium by putting a subscript 2. Since ammonium has a charge of +1, you don't need to put any subscript on ZnO2. Now, the formula...