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I understand "49" can be pronounced (shijukyu & yonjuu kyuu) in Japan. Are both considered bad luck?
Shijukyu is not used so much as pronunciation of 49. Yonjuu kyu is more common. Shijukyu is used only for ...
how do you say fortynine in Japanese?
四十九 yonjuu kyuu or yonjuu ku Both are correct
Is this how you say 2,548 in Japanese....Nisengohyakushijuhachi?
nisen-gohyaku-yonjuu-hachi you can say nisen-gohyaku-shijuu-hachi. but i think 'nisen-gohyaku-yonjuu-hachi' is commonly used.
How do I say?
"yonjuunanasai" for forty-seven years old. yonjuu for forty, nana for seven, and sai as a counter for age. "ani" for older...
japanese translation?
... 3個 tamago sanko * あんこ(小豆) 340g anko (azuki) sanbyaku yonjuu guramu * 植物性サラダ油 shokubutsusei saradayu 作り方: tsukurikata: ボール...
How to Fetch someone one phone (Spoken Japanese)? saying this to a phone operator? If so, say, "Sanbyaku Yonjuu ni gou-shitsu wo onegai-shimasu." "San-byaku Yon-juu" in...
Question about telling time in japanese?
... is never pronounce as "bun"! 40 minutes > yonjuppun (yonjuu + pun > yonju-ppun) 20 minutes > nijuppun 1 hour > ichijikan 30 ...
Japanese Pronunciation?
...きゅうひゃくよんじゅういちねん いちがつ いつか (sen-kyuuhyaku-yonjuu-ichi-nen ichi-gatsu itsuka) 1963年4月 = せんきゅうひゃくろくじゅうさん...
I need to speak Japanese?
...二十一 30 sanjuu 三十 31 sanjuuichi 三十一 32 sanjuuni 三十二 etc 40 yonjuu 四十 50 gojuu 五十 60 rokujuu 六十 70 nanajuu 七十 80 hachijuu 八十 90...
japanese speakers, Help me please!?
The 2nd one. Even if roku is indeed 6 and hyaku is indeed 100, when you say 600, you need to say roppyaku. There's a lot of counters and you can memorize the more usual ones and need to realize that in some, you have to say them in a certain way.