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Worthy of publishing?
Worthy of Publishing is a complete waste of time and effort. "Pre-publishing"... the "catch" : "Take, for instance, Worthy of Publishing, a website that claims to "revolutionize the way writers may attract ...
Is buying this dictionary worthy?
worthy means deserving (earned by achievement), so not the word you wish... mean worthwhile (there is value to the act). Buying a book could be worthy, but only in the sense that it is appropriate to something you have achieved...
who is the better player? James Worthy or Dominique Wilkins?
This is a great question. Worthy was a better player in college. Worthy... was a better outside shooter than Worthy, and was also better at creating...
how did the lakers draft james worthy?
In the 1982 NBA draft, Worthy was chosen first overall by the...-Rookie First Team. Worthy thrived in the Laker's fastbreak...
Is God even worthy of Submission?
... And Living GOD Is Worthy Of Submission, Reverence, in this life and ask yourself, "Is it worthy of my devotion; do I worship a divine being...
What makes you worthy?
Worthy of what? I'm here...I'm not ready to leave this earth. I'm also not worried about whether anyone thinks I'm worthy of anything...I'll live my life regardless, until it's time for...
what are some combat worthy 1911s?
Combat worthy as in Navy Seal day in day out use? Or keeping yo...
do you think americas richest people are worthy?
Worthy of what? Worthy of the capital they control? It depends... doesn't matter. They have it whether we think they are worthy or not.
How can I be worthy of forgiveness by God?
You cannot be worthy of forgiveness by God. The grace of God ...only qualification for forgiveness is to realize you are not worthy, but God has forgiven you anyway. All...
What makes people worthy of love?
worthy of love and special enough to make someone want to date them are 2 different things. i believe every living thing (people, animal) is worthy of love and respect. not everyone has to like us or want to date ...