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What dominates in Keynesian analysis the ability to buy or willingness to buy?
... behavior, whether it is due to ability or willingness. Recall that before the recent crash, people ... talked about the problem of change of willingness based on "liquidity preferences"...
What does willingness to pay measure?
Willingness to pay measures demand. This could be for different kinds of...
willingness to pay?
... to surface conditions while neutrality, consistency, independence, and WILLINGNESS are not always considered. At the surface level, yes you'...
what's the motor of someone's willingness?
You are talking about "Willingness" as an attribute? As with all other things, the largest...
Does nudity or the willingness to be nude empower women?
If willingness to be publicly nude is an expression of power, why don't you see powerful ...
How to have the confidence and willingness to do well?
Willingness = motivation. You can get motivation by considering your ...
Is this a defensible definition of faith: A willingness to act on valid but incomplete information as if it were fully verified?
I like the bit about "a willingness to act" based on "incomplete information" which reminds ...
What is a word that describes a person's willingness to exceed?
Willingness to exceed - greed, delinquency, overconfidence Willingness to succeed - ambition, enthusiasm, motivation, passion, initiative, enterprise
Does the willingness to suffer for what you want and believe in prove your worth and desire to achieve a goal?
...out on a quest to prove his love and his worthiness to his love. Willingness to suffer and devotion to a goal are definitely accurate measures of a person...
Is the willingness the most important factor to recover from depression?
...from; so it could take up to a year for some people to cope. but in some cases willingness and forcing yourself to do things can make it better...