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Who created wikipedia?
The website Wikipedia was founded by three men: ... in the idea, and later that same month, Wikipedia first appeared on the web. Wikipedia...
Why not Wikipedia...?
Wikipedia (as a whole) is pretty decent if you treat... query is non-trivial. Use Wikipedia's citations to find other ...) but its fundamental thesis that Wikipedia is on the same playing field ...
Do people monitor Wikipedia?
Yes, Wikipedia has people that monitor the site and fix what people change...variety of tools (good list at <
Wikipedia problems?.....?
Wikipedia addresses the reasons why itself - that it is not peer reviewed. Anyone can write anthing to Wikipedia at anytime. Some pages are constantly vandalized with...
How to use Wikipedia?
Wikipedia uses a wiki platform to "receive the docs." Let's say id.wikipedia (for ...can paste your doc into the text box. Hit save. (I don't know if like English Wikipedia the Indonesian has any requirements like you have to have a Wikipedia account...
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Wikipedia !!!?
...nice and very insightful. Here's the mantra: Wikipedia is a good resource, but it should not be ...10 Questions: Jimmy Wales). Wikipedia can be edited by everybody -- this is the...
Do you trust Wikipedia?
Wikipedia is an excellent resource... but it's not something you can trust as a citation for any sort of research for independent research. There's usually some good citations that you can trust more than the Wikipedia entry itself. I use Wikipedia mainly for quick-and-dirty info. If I hear a...
Cons of wikipedia??????????????????
... so many, many cons of Wikipedia. To be concise, I will limit... the most gamed rule on Wikipedia. 3) Anonymous editing...
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Wikipedia describes their response to this, which they call "vandalism" here...removal, or change of content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of Wikipedia. The most common types of vandalism include the addition of obscenities...