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what is Wikihow;explain?
wikiHow is a web-based and wiki-based community, consisting host over 143,000 how-to articles. In January 2012, "wikiHow had 35.5 million unique readers from over 200 countries or...
Wikihow image question?
Wikihow uses Mediawiki (same as WIkipedia). It is not a matter of clicking a magic button. It is a complicated sequence of making the file, -- Wikipedia's guide to images. Yes, these instructions are for Wikipedia, but they should work nicely on Wikihow as well.
Does wikihow lie to you when you ask test questions?
Wikihow is written by the community, so anyone is free to edit it...about the information there as some of it is not entirely correct. Note that wikihow should not be cited for your assignments as well. On...
A question about wikihow?
I think wikihow is a fantastic website because you can almost be sure to find anything on it, actually...
Is there any websites like ehow or wikihow?
On wikihow you don't have to sign up. You can write how to articles that... articles, plus you could earn barnstars and more. Go to wikihow and go to my page Speedaboy. I'll tell you all you need...
please help with wikihow?
For fan mail, just add you username to the end of this link: For example, my username is Krystle...
Poll: What do you find funny about Wikipedia or WikiHow?
... or if it "affects the flow of things" WikiHow on the otherhand, is a deserving monstrosity, everyone on there "...
Is a Legitimate website please let me know some?
WikiHow is fine. It's just a site to let people on how to do stuff really. If one of the guides of WikiHow suggested that link, then I would ignore that guide. That site...
wikihow is a cool site, it shows you how to do things yourself instead of relying on others, great suggestion/
Is it free to create a Wikihow account?
It is free to create an account on wikiHow. Just go to and click "Sign Up" and follow...