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why was poverty so widespread?
Poverty is STILL widespread. Do you mean just in the USA? Poverty ... themselves. This also made poverty more widespread here, and continues to do so.
Why is sexual abuse in the Catholic church so widespread?
It is less widespread than sexual abuse in society in general. The Media's choice to spotlight...
What's a widespread thunderstorm?
Widespread thunderstorms implies coverage of storms/precipitation over a... National Weather Service defines widespread as areal coverage of non-measurable, non-convective weather and/or restrictions to...
SHOULD GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD become norm and widespread in us.?
... GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD become norm and widespread in us.?" Whether you feel they should or should not become the norm...
Has anyone had widespread nerve pain during their Menstrual Cycle?
Widespread? No. Lower back, yes. Pelvic pain? Yes. Migraines...
In the event of widespread communication loss...?
widespread communication failure can only be a result of malfunctions (i.e. attack) at the...
When did c0ndoms become widespread?
...ancient times (no kidding!), but they first became really widespread in the 1930s and 1940s (in America especially). The growth in condom use...
Will the upward revision of Q1 GDP get widespread coverage?
I believe that the widespread coverage confirming that GWB, Dick Cheney and ...
How widespread is corruption in present day QLD?
I believe its as widespread as it was when Joe was in power. To understand the difference...
Which is the correct spelling? Wide spread, or widespread?
It is definitely widespread (or wide-spread). That is the accepted spelling. ...the mark this time. Here is what OED says: " Widespread Spread widely (lit. and fig.). 1. Extended over or ...