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Opinions on the names waylon and austyn?
Waylon Allen doesn't flow too well because the 'l' in it clashes with the two found in Allen. Not to mention, Waylon is too much of a surname and is kind of awkward and chunky in comparison...
What album did waylon and willie do 30 years ago?
Waylon & Willie is a duet album by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, released on RCA Victor in 1978...while "If You Can Touch Her at All" peaked at #5. You can get it here
Opinions on the name Waylon?
Waylon is very cute + unique. x i really like it! Way or Wayne would be a cute nickname. Waylon Marco Waylon Mattis Waylon Julian Waylon David Waylon Auden Waylon...
What was Waylon Jenning's first recording label?
Waylon Jennings In late 1960, he moved to Phoenix, ... for Audio Recorders as a record producer. In 1963, Waylon moved to Los Angeles, where he landed a contract with...
What's your favorite Waylon Jennings song?
... gosh, how much room do I Waylon is my all around favorite country artist...(J.. Cash but prefer Waylon's version) If I Could...
Waylon or Merle?
Waylon. Had more platinum albums, more TV and movie exposure, ass-kickin...
Waylon Jennings Quiz....?
1.Waylon wore a leather wrist band...Why? It was because he ... an apartment with? Johnny Cash 3.Why did Waylon stop touring in 1959? he felt guilty because Buddy Holly...
Waylon Jennings or Merle Haggard - which do you prefer? What are your favorite songs by both?
Waylon Jennings. I can't imagine where country music would be right now if it weren't for such great... boys and girls that come from the state of Texas. Favorite songs by Waylon I already named some. As for Merle: "Big City" "...
I need a middle name for Waylon.?
Waylon is a nice name. Waylon Cade Waylon Drake...Waylon Miles Waylon Ian Waylon Dale Waylon Dane Waylon Shane Waylon Sean Waylon...
Willie or Waylon?????????
i would say waylon, he has a lot of really good songs. willie also has really good...what about you? im growing up in rural illinois, so im growing up around waylon and willie and have had an attraction towards waylon's music.