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does he like me ? or is it in my head ?
Hmmm. Seems like you both flirted with each other yesterday. In terms of the Facebook request, maybe he has not gone into Facebook yet. When you meet him again, maybe you can ask about the Facebook friend request?
Read my short VERY SHORT story before I hand it in?
...’re everywhere, you know? In the things I see as I walk down Metropolitan Ave. I just sometimes think to myself...
Are dogs owners really so stupid to not understand why a person would kill their dog if their dog gets out of control and attack them?
I certainly aint but on the other hand id question your motives and act accordingly and thats for sure.....You see my dogs would only attack you if you tried to bother my Lambs and Ewes or in defence of my property...
Why The Los Angeles Dodgers Not Appeared In The World Series Since 1988 And It's Gonna Happen To End The 29-Year Drought This 2017?
Dodgers gotta win one more first....calm down there buddy.
does he like me ?
The only person that can tell you for sure is that guy if he likes you or not. Nobody else knows accept for him.
I was touched by a girl working at a clothing store?
I think you just found a female pedophile
What should I do?
...more angry.... and hit you..... or worse. People like that, are a walking time bomb waiting to go off. I would NOT make anything "exclusive...
Does your manager slap people put of the way, for you to walk by?
no but that would be funny if he did
What do trannies say when you point out that there are only two genders?
...any of the other preeminent bastions of "social justice" and thus must walk on eggshells so as not to set off the portion of brainwashed ...
i dont remember walking to my bed?
You were probably sleeping or half asleep. Things like this have happened to me before.