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What to do if you've failed at having a successful international modeling career?
Accept that you're not going to be a model, so let that go. If you don't want to be a teacher, then don't be a teacher. There are many thousands of options other than model or teacher. Very few people have "cool" jobs: you likely...
HELP!! Serious question!! Please read and don't judge!!?
Stop going to areas she is at. Say you did what you want it is a matter of time when you will find someone banging the hell out of you not in a very pretty way. Every action has a equal reaction. Being in middle school and being...
Is it true western men are not marrying anymore? Any man who marries will be branded as "mangina"?
... her husband as beneath contempt and the marriage as a paper fiction, she will walk away with a large chunk of his assets and also the custody of the ...
Considering the fact that so many dogs and cats are euthanized every year, wouldn't it be more beneficial to utilize them for food?
...quot; It all comes down to cultural tastes and biases. Walking your dog is common in the West. In the Orient...
Anyone with social anxiety?
...through and feeling that pain. Then just knowing all that and walking into a situation.
Who is this Daddy Phantom pedophile monster on LGBT?
He's such a troll that even trolls hate him LOL
Was she checking me out?
YEP she wants it
Why does Carol Peletier in The Walking Dead, keep her husbands name?
Forgiveness. She really did love him. It was just the alcohol that really screwed him up. He may have not loved her as much but there was something fairly good in him she was holding on to I...
How to tell if my girlfriends friend is lesbian and into my girlfriend?
Suggestion: if you want to destroy your relationship and piss both women off, go ahead and make the assumption and suggest a 3-way. On a serious note, lesbians don't have some singular look- they look like every woman you've seen. They look butch, they look femme, they're...
Did I walk right into that one?
Face first