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How come my cat won t bark?
A cat was walking with her kittens through an alley when a nasty dog appeared at...
Should students who walked out of school to protest guns be suspended for skipping school like I was when I walked out to smoke pot at 16?
Those kids walked out of school because they wanted to protest guns and the slaughter of children. You walked out of school to smoke pot because you're an idiot. not quite the same thing.
I'm gonna walk by faith, and not by sight, because I can't see straight in the broad daylight?
Maybe try to ALSO use your eyes? Why do so many spiritual and religious people seem to think it's some kind of VIRTUE to deliberately shut out shared, physical, evidence based reality? As if that makes them somehow better and...
Dealing with a skeptical customer?
Oh new huh? You don't tell them I don't know. because that suggests you don't know what is in your own food. It will not make you sick unless your allegeric to any of these ingredients..etc...reassure them you use qulity...
How much keyboard duster does it take you to walk on sunshine?
That's a ghetto way to get a buzz
Anyone else think good Christian people need to avoid California like the plague?
...the leftists are getting pissed because they can't walk down the streets of a major CA city without stepping in human...
I think my mother saw my vibrator?
She probably did, but if your over 18 you can have one if you want. You should wash your hands afterwards though.
Christian's I saw a person ask a question on penguins and Noah's Ark see the details please?
... a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. this is not about morality (technically) this word is about...
Why are liberals so stupid?
Because they live in a bubble world. Most likely trust fund kids who went to private school, got a car for their 16th birthday, went to college and partied and now work part time from a coffee shop on their macbook as a social influencer. The...
Platonic crush help !!!?
There's no law against saying hi with a smile but let the guy do the chasing.