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is it true what street preachers say that if you tell them to not Judge, that its self is judging?
... Gang.... Street preachers are like the guy who walks up to you and asks for a a light, and then he asks you for a cigarette...
what do atheists think of this leprechaun Street Preacher, goes around hating on lesbians, who walk by?
Typical run of the mill fanatic. Plenty of those around. I don't think you can generalize to anything based on extreme behavior. This morning, I was talking to a Muslim, named Mohammed. He was a...
What to use for dry skin on the anus area?
Women do you enjoy the sound your high heels make when you are walking on hard surfaces? Does it make you feel confident?
Behold, I offer you a choice. A tool to take with you on your journey. Would you accept the gun or the holy book?
... himself, since he was a boxer. He was walking in the dark somewhere, and was being followed, and was...
Kissing and holding hands on a first date. Are either of these ok?
It kind of really depends on the girl and maybe if you've known her previously to going on a date. It's really more of a situational thing that can't be answered directly with out more details.
My dog didn't need a cast for her fractured leg?
As suggested, and especially if you can't trust your vet (more than comments from a bunch of strangers here?) take a second opinion. Or switch vets totally.
How long does it take to see progression in cardio?
...know of, starts you off at 30 seconds running, 3 mins walking, and you repeat that for 25 mins. Do that for the first week'...
i'm a 15 year old girl and i have no friends at school?
... some clubs. Don't try too hard and just be yourself. Walk away from people who are mean to you. Make reports to the principal...
do any Christians believe there dream demons that kill people in their dreams & steal their souls?
My husband once had a dream about a 'man' walking around the outside of his greenhouse, when he was inside. My husband...