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What is the significance of the Sea of Galilee in the Bible?
It's the Sea of Galilee where Jesus supposedly walked on water. . .
Is it snowing in your area?
...strange. It's so bad, roads are so slippery, it's hard to walk, and a drive that usually takes 5 minutes, is now taking...
Why do some presenters do not know etiquette?
So why didn't you just sit in any convenient seat? Perhaps the students in their school are used to sitting down when they enter a room without needing to be told.
I am a new mom as of last Wednesday I walk with a walker at home but out I use a wheelchair my husband and I were at the mall and my son was?
You feed your son. You did the right thing. Who cares if they stare at you.
Is the weather beautiful today for a 4 hrs long walk?
Where I live it's about minus 20 Celsius (less with the windchill), so no.
If you walked around the hoods of Chiraq at night with a MAGA hat, then would you get popped?
Have you noticed less wildlife in your area?
It's everywhere. Here in the UK when you walked through the woods in spring to autumn you constantly heard bird song. Now the woods are silent
Why is the Appalachian Trail more popular than the Pacific Crest Trail?
... than the PCT. FYI I live in the PNW and have walked many parts (but not all) of the PCT, it's drop dead beautiful.
It's 30 degrees F outside, but your local golf club is offering free rounds of golf...would you go play?
... is until my three dogs demanded their daily walk. Then I might walk by the golf course but would not be playing.
My vagina smells after I urnine pleas ├ęchelo?
A few bacteria smell ammonia, you have BV. You are already on antibiotic, now you can try Betadine suppository and insert in vagina at bed time, two application will be enough and it will enhance the action of antibiotic. You can discuss this with your gynae doctor.