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I know nothing about love BUT I have read some stiff online before. She didn't reject you. When girls breakup with another person, they need time to forget about it. When she said "I don't wanna be a hoe moving on quick" she meant...
Agree or disagree: people who talk a lot or talk loudly are annoying?
Agree. but realize this is not a bad thing if done right, as this is one way to get what you want and not have people walk all over you. It beats being a shy quiet person imo
Should I break up with this guy for good?
I would break up with him because he sounds like a real jerk
I am a military Recruiter for the Marines, and I was beaten, can I press charges, or get unemployment benefits for being injured on the job?
Yes you can press charges. Being on his property has nothing to do it. He can only do that if you were threatening him or someone else. You would not get unemployment unless the Navy/Marines laid you off...
Should I break up with my boyfriend?
If this relationship is causing you stress, then I say end it. Relationships are supposed to be about love and make you happy and look forward to every minute you spend with this person. But if he's treating you poorly and being rude, then you...
Did she reject me?
No. It sounds like she does want to date you. She just can't at the moment because she got out of a relationship. Give it a little time.
Fastest way to learn a 1000 word speech?
...comical and goofy. As you go through your speech picture yourself walking through your palace (place you know well). This only works if...
A customer triggered me at work today?
...there's a bad one. Which means every day a bad customer will walk in. If I were manager at your store, I'd step...
Does this girl LIKE me or something?
yes she likes you
How to stop bad behavior?
...of time. You need a chocker collar /chain. When you take the pup for a walk. As soon as the pup pulls you have to tug the lead backwards...