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How do you overcome urges to be angry or stand up for yourself?
...wrong at all. in fact, it's how you garner respect with people. letting people walk all over you is how you get bullied and marginalized. we all...
My dog tasted sperm?
Is your dogs name Fireball ?
Why would a girl blush and look away after I stares at her?
I ll tell you exactly why. She got embarrassed that you caught her staring. She knows good and well you were checking her out so she probably found out and thought you were attractive as well...
What's the best interpretation of the following dream that I had recently?
...dead person fell, and the women who was OLD was walking. Maybe it symbolizes her death, not by suicide, just an ordinary...
Am I a healthy weight? 10 points.?
You could use to add some more protein to your diet. Otherwise it sounds healthy.
will my coworkers ever get a clue w/r/t me not being straight?
The only thing you list that would make the average straight person wonder about a woman is the way you dress. Looks are really the only thing that make *straight* people assume you're not straight if you're a woman, and even if you dress more masculine as a woman your hair still has to be a certain way...
How do I socialize a cat?
Cats are very self pleasing animals, most don't rely on human interaction to be content. I'm guessing the cat wasn't properly socialized at his former home. You have to make it "fun" and "self pleasing" to...
What is it like to have a prosthetic limb?
... I have pain at the top, and I have a sore swollen knee. Walking and standing is painful. More problematic is my ankle...
what would atheists say if Street preacher say if you don't repent, you could die tonight & walk up in hell?
I would say it would be worth it, just to go to sleep knowing that I will not wake up to be a street preacher.
Did you see anything odd about this employer I worked for , for 3 weeks?
He is a lonely creep and needs help.