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was peter talking about you, in 2peter 3;3?
Heh heh... Peter...
Are you a fetish?
Yes. I am a walking sexual attraction to an uncommon or typically peculiar object or bodily action.
have ever waved at someone and they just kind of look away or look down & don't wave back? why people are like this?
I don't like it when people don't wave back at me or say hello when I extend that wave or hello to them. It bothered me so much that one day it occurred to me as I did it to other people as well. I'm not doing it on purpose...
THERE ARE NO UFO'S: Ancient People have come from below the earth & sides of oceans . Your REINCARNATED over & over yes or no?
Right, they are USVs Unidentified Submersible Vehicles. Good to see you again, it's been at least 300 years....
Why girls would like someone like me? and what should I do about it?
... it is not easy to suggest things to do. Going for a walk if there is a nice interesting place that is not too far. ...
Why are people so judgmental towards certain people using the store's electric carts?
... are blocking the aisles or are too lazy to walk. I'm 60 and have already suffered a month long episode of painful gout...
What does this body language mean?
It could be nothing. But, I’m a girl and I do that to my crush who’s a stranger. I glance at him and look at him a lot sometimes I think it’s noticeable that I like him but I’m really not sure if he knows. So...
Do you have to have a college degree to be a swat officer?
... of my city. We called it vertical patrol in that we walked the the stairways of the high rises most of the time. I ...
What is it like to find out your partner has been having an affair?
... in the houses I was passing by. My wife walked in the door at 6:30 a.m. I asked her to pack a bag and ...
Who was the best doctor you ever had and why?
...water had broken), then she wasn’t allowed to stand up and walk around. This was to prevent the umbilical cord from lapsing down...