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A teachers assistant abused me. What should i do?
You are just an old pervert troll.
(warning-depressing) 13 yo girl help. what do I do?
If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available. Reach out. Text. Send an email. Pick up the phone. Someone cares. They're waiting to hear from you. Much love. - W.M...
If girl invites her boyfriend around when her parents are at work does that mean she wants sex?
By 24, her body is ready ready ready. So probably so. But it would be better to be married.
Why are Top Democrats now telling their people to Walk Back the Impeachment rhetoric?
Because it is helping Trump. The Blue Wave will be more like a ripple
Am i the only woman that feels like whats the point in shaving her legs, making her breath fresh, smelling perfect everyday?
Well you don't need go shave everyday but everyone makes their breath smell fresh or should cause it's pretty disgusting not to and the same goes for smelling.
Why do girls behave like this I wonder?
You are into girls who are 18-20 because they are young and you feel more in control of the situation .. less afraid, less fear. Yes,k girls this age will date men your age. But only the girls who haven't finished...
If there’s a God why does he look exactly like a zombie from the walking dead?
So, you've seen Him, and the secret is out?
This guy yelled a insult at me I never seen before and said it very angry?
You just wrote a long asss paragraph explaining how much you don’t care... people who don’t care generally don’t do that, and I can tell this got to you, but it shouldn’t. I mean you’re right, who gives a f*ck? Just forget about it, there are mean...
What would you do if you walled outside and Donald Trump said he was gonna sue you for opposing him and America?
Uncontrollable laughter comes immediately to mind
I went in the wrong bathroom today an now I am the laughing stalk of the whole school! I wish I was DEAD! What can I do? Help me!?
Don't worry about it. They are just dying to have something to laugh about and will soon forget it if you don't make an issue about it. What else do they have ? No other events were worthy of being observed occurred and if that simple...