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My parents threw EVERYTHING out!?
Probably you should heed what the Bible says about parents at Ephesians 6:1 - "Children, be obedient to your parents in union with the Lord, for this is righteous." As long as you cannot take care of...
Poll: was this rude?
No but after parking the car, you should have walked back to meet her on the way and walked her back to the apartment. She is in your care, after all.
I have depression and my parents say it is a choice. How do I get them to see their ignorance?
...39;t have to be an athlete to benefit from exercise. As little as 20 min brisk walking a day can help, and you can add to that gradually so long as you don't make ...
How can I stop overeating?
...hard the beginning is, just do it every day. Start off with just walking 30min a day and increase the amount as you go. If it goes well, you could...
How to get my grandma to stop leaving our dish sponge in the dirty dishwater/not squeezing it out when she’s done with it?
Not going to change her habits with any reasonable ease. Get in the habit of going behind her ( saying nothing to her!) and taking care of the sponge. You can take it fairly wet and nuke it for 2 minutes, this will kill everything on it...
My dog doesn’t listen and sucks at recall?
She has selective deafness - something I know ALL about. You have to use applied psychology. In other words make what you want appear to be her idea all along. You are not getting stubborn, or if you are, you have to alter...
What is this growth on dogs paw?
...out as a lump and it grew, and it DID begin to bother the dog, as she walked. She often licked it, - but she had had food ...
Is she trying to get my attention?
Stop over thinking this and just ask her out already. If she says no, then just move on.
What are some good ways to raise funds for my nonprofit organization?
I know of some that sponsor a run (i.e. 5K). A walk-a-thon A bike-a-thon A catered dinner with some sort of program...
Why are atheists so foolish?
Satan rules this world and many are poisoned by his ways. He walks them along the broad way to hell. But Jesus leads the narrow way to heaven.