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how much doesyour average waitress make a day?
It all depends on the restaurant. Waiters & Waitresses get paid minimum wage from the company. In some states, they get...
What kind of money does a waitress make?
Waitress money sucks big-time. you'll be on minimum wage, and in some places...minimum wage. The reason a lot of students become waiters/waitresses is because you need no qualifications, the work is generally...
Work at Kay Jewelers or waitress?
Avoid the waitress job. You live off your tips, have to share tips with the... total food/bar bill as tips. The stress dreams from waitressing don't go away fast (took me 14 years to dump them...
I need help asking out a waitress?
... a regular is a great start. As a former waitress, my regulars became somewhat a part... her work and don't overdo the tip. Waitress are very leery of overtippers when he finally...
How do you flirt with a waitress?
I was a cocktail waitress while still in school, and I really disliked... a big part of it because you said "waitresses" not a waitress" and "them" not...
tell me how work is as a waitress ?
I started work as a waitress earlier this year, it's hard work and takes a while to get...39;ve been trained as a bar maid at the restaurant as well as a waitress I love it now :D r
Why are some people so nasty to waiters and waitresses? have the couple where the man is paying more attention to the beautiful waitress (I actually had a women take the tip back off the table ...
I waitresses for a Olive Garden and I made on average 80.00 a...
Is there a specific process to becoming a waiter/waitress?
Never been a waitress in a big city, I tried in Seattle once and the only thing...
server or cocktail waitress?
... on a busy night, and the guest check is higher than a cocktail waitress's tables, so you're still making good money. A cocktail...