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What is a social problem and what are some examples?
A social issue is a problem that influences a considerable number of the individuals within a society. Some examples are racial discrimination, Drugs, violent crime, global warming etc
Why do existing guns laws NOT stop criminals from buying guns?
There are already laws about committing crime, and violent crime. Those laws to not impact people who do NOT commit ...
What do you do when you witness black foolishness in public?
... with our culture, refusing to learn proper english, acting violent and aggressive towards everyone? You racist! It's because of this view...
Why do the courts just keep allowing my idiot cousin to get away with everything?
... in your state so they are saving the space for violent offenders.
Govt. .... Just why is the violent crime rate much higher in black areas than in White areas? PS, rape can't be blamed on poverty. Why?
High testosterone levels, low impulse control, and ridiculously low average IQ.
Who killed Jonbenet Ramsey?
...with a flashlight that was close by. The brother had been violent before. I believe the brother did it on accident ( not intending to...
Does homeowners iinsurance ever cover sudden and violent bouts of Cholera?
For an answer you should probably read the great novel "One Hundred Years of Insurance in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Allstate.
Why can't liberals accept facts?
Facts hurt feelings. Liberal sad. Liberal get angry. Liberal get violent.
What is your opinion of the death penalty? Please elaborate.?
...properly, is a good idea. Why? Because, violent and dangerous criminals who are repeat ...year period. So, you tell me that keeping violent and disgusting criminals alive just to die...
Would you have sex with this woman if it was hardcore BDSM involved and she was buck naked?
Why does it need to be BDSM? I would eat her àss out and have wild sex with her but it doesn’t need to be violent.