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Does the devil cause hurricanes and other natural disasters?
Poseidon is in charge of Hurricanes and Zeus helps with other things . Hades being in the Christian myth manual is a disaster in itself . Ancient Greeks want their fake god...
Hillary said there will be no civility until HER party regains power. Does that mean she would start being civil towards the people she?
.... And what are they demonstrating and being violent against? Who knows.
Why do liberals always become a violent mob when they don't get their way?
/they cant win on issues.
Christians: If you're a Christian and you want to work as an entertainer, is attracting the WORLD necessarily a BAD thing?
With respect, you're entering kinds of fantasy, dangerous areas? But it's what you do. Do you listen to your conscience? YOUR conscience? Not what I say, other's say? You're in a dangerous profession but you might handle it...
Why are most men such disturbed animals? They need to be wiped off the planet?
The question is why we give birth to them
Whats the worst U.S state?
Alaska, New Mexico, and Nevada have the highest violent crime rates in the entire United States. That is probably as good a metric as any other.
why r most school shootings done by boys n not girls?
they are more violent by nature
Do you believe pornography is detrimental to a person's mental health or does it cause no problems?
No problem, as long as it's not violent or abusive in any way. Which, if one likes that, they probably already have issues.
Neighbors upstairs slammed our door today after we left a note, what should we do?
Unfortunately, people are not respectful these days. I think the neighborly first note you tried was accepted(although the noise didnt stop), but the second note came across as obnoxious or nagging or attempting to...
Why do feminists and blue pilled chads always assume that if a man is a misogynist, it means he must not be desirable to women?
... why they think its okay when they do it if they engage in uncivil, unethical, violent and/or unlawful activity. Goes a long way to explain why Donna ...