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If there were a war of the zodiac signs which sigms do you think would pair up on each side and fight and who would win?
...: genius! The mastermind. Probably going to be more violent than expected Leo: swag of the gang provoke other gang with their...
Govt. Why is it the very, very few of so called 'White on black violent attacks' called 'hate crimes'? But the many thousands of?
Check this out: For the year 2013 homicides: .............White...Black <=== the offenders White....2,509....409 Black.......189..2,245 [FBI Statistics 2013, Table 6...
Are Muslims more racist than Jews?
Islam is a bullsh!t violent religion sure enough but I still do not think they have the Jews beat on racism. I am not saying Jews are the most racist either but they are more racist than Muslims.
Are most of the illegal immigrants who come to the United States migrants or refugees?
...that the same as being a refugee? If you are fleeing the violent anarchy of the cartels or the religious suppression of Islam is...
Would you report to the authorities someone posting violent fantasies here who also claims to be a gun owner?
I often do.
My brother won't let me play his Xbox.?
... some good grades and let them know your not violent and that you deserve an Xbox one. If that doesn't work, you could babysit...
Govt... Would this be a great way to slow the tremendous amount of gun crimes in the USA (what is left of it), everyone that uses a gun?
Send the bastard to Jupiter Do you hear me Mr Trump Just get rid of them anyway FFS A firepit would be cheap ??
Why do people hate convicted felons so much especially the violent ones that hurt people?
I don't hate the son.
Why did Meghan Markle not have the class to invite her half siblings to her wedding?
...step brother is an alcoholic who has been arrested for violent behavior. She didn’t grow up with them. They haven’t ...
Have any of you seen this story reported on tv news? I only read about it online. Seems to be under reported?
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