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Why do liberals think that condemning Islamic fascists will offend muslims?
...have no problem with opposition to Islamist fundamentalists and violent fanatics. We have a problem with the way conservatives attack...
Does violently authoritarian parenting *create* republicans, or does it just indicate an already republican family?
...for bad behavior??? Guilty as charged.... except I'm not violent. Taking away the Xbox is enough to bring my boys...
Another day in Trump's America. Where will the next sh00ting or b0mbing occur today?
Wherever the most recent well-known violent lunatic was still allowed to legally purchase a semiautomatic rifle, that's where it'll be.
Why are Democrats so violent? Even at 75, Li'l Joey Biden wants to get his butt kicked by one of the jocks.?
You are right that Biden's expression reflects a deep flaw in his personality - the notion that differences should be settled by physical violence rather than dialogue - and is an indicator of his cultural background (where he grew...
my mother is an abusive person? help.?
Are you kidding? Shes beyong abusive shes a monster. Why dont you call the authorities right now, people like her dont deserve to have children.
Can a child/teen be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder?
That is the last thing you should do. Yeah he could be, but there's no way to tell at the age of 12, and making that diagnosis will force him into that box when he might be capable of treatment or simply grow out of it. He should see someone more qualified.
... out of the bar, leading to six days of protests and violent clashes with law enforcement outside the bar on Christopher Street...
Why did Antifa get my Adolf Hitler concert canceled?
It was a smokescreen of course!!!!! Antifa are actually all for Hitler's violent thuggish controlling ways 100%!!!!
Social Anxiety is making me creepy.?
Me too. It takes time. CBD oil helps. Find things to do in public....bring a book, etc. Also, the other person is in the wrong if they jump to such nefarious assumptions
Is it possible that my mom is jealous of me?
Parents being jealous of their children happens a lot. Especially when you start doing things beyond what they want for you in life. Now that I've read your post, she's DEFINITELY jealous of you. And...