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What makes kids violent?
...that I say- I think within all of us is a tendency to be violent- It depends what kind of household we grow up in, what kind of ...
Desensitizing Violent Behavior?
Just because it encourages violent behavior it doesn't mean it also encourages the will to be killed...'t risk/do it. Edit:Well,in that case,that's why violent shootings happen in the first place.The desire to join the war...
What do violent drawings mean?
Abused children may draw violent pictures but NOT ALL abused children do, likewise...
How violent is district 9??????
On a scale of 1-10 (10 bring most violent) _District 9_ got a 10 for violence. Details follow. ...
Pros and cons of violent video games?
While video games have become increasingly violent and seem to have negative affects on their.... Modern video games have become extremely violent, sexual, and obscene. They are full of stereotypical...
List of the most/extremely violent Anime ever created!?
Yeah, Elfen Lied was pretty violent but at least it was still good. I think the most...each his own. Hellsing is probably violent on the order of Vampire Hunter D and...
american movies are violent?
...that right Dan P..........American movies are violent. Take Finding Nemo for example...............Well, ...
Was Islam an inherently violent religion?
The first thing we need to do is to define 'violent'. According to webster:: 1: marked by extreme force or sudden intense...
Why are people so much more violent than animals?
Animals are violent in their own ways, but usually there is a bilogical imperative to...or thinks differently than they do, etc. The main reason we seem more violent is because we have developed such devastating ways of...
because the United States is so violent?
...want to ask: "Why is the United States so violent"? And then you go on and mention that the US is...pesada). Que país você acha que é mais violento?