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Does being in the army turn men violent?
Man is inherently a violent creature. Society modifies that behavior with acceptable standards...
What are violent shows that kids watch?
...what ISN'T on TV that is violent. There is too much junk promoted honest, I'm glad he thinks all the violent stuff is "weird" and that it bothers...
Violent Video Games?
We are living in a much more violent culture these days. Why single out just violent... their behavior, not video games or violent imagery. I personally think the worse thing about...
Muslims accused of being violent?
...a hindu. muslims accused of being violent. who accuses muslims are violent ? why...the birth religion is nothing to do with their violent actions. Extremists are not part...
Do video games make people more violent?
... are not making us more violent, study shows: on Monday... All types of violent crimes were lower, with murder and non...
are humans naturally violent?
I think that all of us can be violent. What people fail to realize is that we are still considered...of our control. And sometimes it creates what we consider to be violent. There are also a lot of people who do not address a difficult past and...
Most violent match ever?
...39;s not all fake to answer you question i seen some violent , yes mass transit was violent but not really violent , not...zandig , of course the weed wacker you can buy these , other violent or not violent dvd,vhs at ..
Violent Video Games **Best Answer 10 Points**?
Please reword this if you wish to use it. Violent Video Games Should Be... the effects of playing a violent video game on a young persons arousal ...
What is an example of a violent crime?
Violent crime didn't just rise last year. According to the numbers, it... speculate that there are several reasons for the rise in violent crime: cutbacks in federal law enforcement grants, a focus on terrorism...
Is there a a relationship between pornography and violent behavior?
Yes. Violent paraphillias are usually developed when tying violent...