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Does my artwork violate copyright laws?
You would be violating copyright law were you to have made your drawing from the...cover and then produced your drawing from it you wouldn't be violating copyright law, per se, it would be considered as violating moral copyright...
So, creationists, which laws of science do you think evolution violates?
Macro-evolution violates evolution. Here's the snippet from one of... that criteria. Macro-evolution violates it. And macro-evolution proponents can...
Is Pelosi violating the Separation of Church & State by telling Catholic Church what to preach about?
Pelosi has not violated the First Amendment; however, the a federally funded park, that prayer in school violates separation of church and state, or when a sculpture of the...
Does this violate anything about collisions?
It doesn't violate the conservation of momentum. Do the calculations and you'll see...after the collision than before. HOWEVER: This doesn't technically violate any conservation law either, because there is no law that says the KE...
Is this violating a restraining order?
He is not violating a restraining order if he has no knowledge...on her behalf) is essentially her violating the restraining order ----- NO ...
Does spontaneous particle generation violate e=mc^2?
It doesn't violate E=mc^2 in the general sense. You might be ...uncertain then is really hard to know if they really are violating or not conservation of energy and momentum. I am not...
Why do I feel so violated?
You feel violated because you were violated. If this was me, ...this kids name, let them know what he did, and that you feel violated. This boy did not have a right to touch you like this. If...
were my miranda rights violated?
..., your Miranda was not violated. As for your boyfriend they saw...then theoretically his rights were not violated. I wasn't there so I can't be...
What specific rights does torture violate?
Contitutionally it violates the 8th amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. It also be free fro cruel and unusual punishment. In most cases it also violates due process.
What are my rights and was my child violated?
... rights were ABSOLUTELY violated, IMO. If there is an allegation against... how you feel about your son being violated and traumatized, but be very calm about it...