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Is the version of cabaret i watched like the rest?
It was a rather heavy handed way of saying what tomorrow would hold for Berliners and the rest of Germany. - There is no reason why the director should not have introduced it.
I like being single and free. but sometimes I feel like theres 'something' missing from my life. Like I might want to have little Arni's?
..., if your interest in marriage is merely about making mini versions of you, so that you can feel fulfilled, do yourself a favor and just...
why do some insist that UK royalty isn't subsidized by taxpayers? Do they hold some kind of psycho-sexual fascination with personality?
The Royals are England's cheap version of Hollywood. UK entertainers almost always went to...
if the Bible is the perfect and unerring word of God, then which of the literal hundreds of English versions is the right one?
I love it when questions like this come up. Christians never know how to answer them.
Is "The Office" overrated?
..., and the snob in the mall episode. Considering the UK version was only one season and the US The Office was...
Ruth Bader Ginsberg couldn't find a position at a law firm after attending Harvard Law (which began admitting women just 4 years earlier)?
You need a better grasp on history. Why do you think the Equal Employment Opportunity Act was first passed in 1964? And do you really think that the country’s societal mindset completely switched over on that day...
Is it true that the prophet Jonah spent some time in Wales?
I don't know if I can swallow your version of events. It seems fishy to me.
Have you ever been the lowest version of yourself that you could just about accept?No details thank you. ;-)?
Yes.... and others still want me to be that way or find it "okay" or "the right way"
Help!! I have tried everything to keep my husky from getting out, but she still manages to escape. I need suggestions!?
This depends entirely on your version of "everything." Here's what I did when I...
What is the Japanese word for "Pornography"? I would think that if they had to use a loanword, then there probably isn't an actual word for it to begin with.