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Why replace white Bond with a black actor??
Watson is a woman on a new Shelrock Holmes version. Doctor Who is now a woman. It is hard to find...
Was Tony Bramwell also known as the fifth Beatle (the Beatles) ?
...and honest, the ultimate Beatles insider finally shares his own version of the frantic and glorious ascent of four boys from Liverpool ...
What would it take for the strongest Trump supporters and today's version of the GOP to no longer support Trump?
Hell freezing over.
A1C test score difference between lab and finger prick test?
... known lab drawn A1C compared to the finger stick version. The best way to compare the two, get them both done at...
Angels come from the word Angeloi, meaning messenger. Why does God need messengers? Is he not competent to give a message himself?
The writers of those myths often forgot their god was omnipotent. Or perhaps it was not originally omnipotent in earlier versions.
Have you ever seen a Sagittarius and Aquarius that does not get along?
Sagittarius is basically a fire version of the Aquarius
BOXING: Do you think ODLH would have beaten a PRIME Chavez Sr.?
I really think Jose provided a GREAT ANSWER, and in general I tend to agree with his very perceptive analysis. I am putting in my two-cents on this question because I think its an...
Where Have All the Trumpbots Gone?
Hung over after drinking so many PBRs while crying in their beers and spitting dip juice on the floor through the gap in their rotting front teeth.
why are there states of Usa with spanish names?
..., San Francisco. Some times European version of native American names would be used, such as ...
Is it me or we live in a sh!tty world, surrounded by sh!tty ppl. Everyone wants something from you, probably sex. Nothing is for free?
That's just how it is. People are visioning this world with rose colored glasses. They are too busy thinking about how this world should be, with feel-good quotes, and religion not accepting this world as it...