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what is the difference between very and vary?
To vary is a verb that means to be different, go up and down, or change. ...also an adjective that means exact or mere. Used in sentences: Vary 1) Those girls vary in attractiveness. 2) Your health varies...
Translate into an equation: y varies inversely with the square of m.?
y varies inversely with the square of m.? y = k over m-squared...32 ------------------------------------------------------------ Translate into an equation: y varies jointly with b and h. y=kbh --------------------------------------------------------------- Alex...
Do realtors commission fees vary?
Yes commissions vary from agent to agent. Agents can charge whatever they want and there is no...
what does varies mean?
... - Cite This Source - Share This var·y (vâr'ē, vār'ē) Pronunciation Key v...
Does the sun's affect on the tides vary?
...spin of the Earth also contributes to the tides and the varying pressure of the atmosphere can raise or lower the tides by several ...
Littlefinger(Lord Baylish) vs The Spider (Lord Varys)?
Well, Varys has lasted very long when many characters think it wise any situation it seems, but their luck will run out. I see Varys being smart enough to flee across the sea and live life in the Free ...
suppose that y varies directly as the square root of x...?
For y to vary directly as the square root of x, the equation would be as equation is y = (36/15) * sqrt(x) Now, y still varies directly with sqrt(x). If you were to plot the y vs...
Why does atomic radius varies?
Atoms of different elements vary in radius due to the increasing number of electron shells...always where they are "supposed" to be. Atomic radius varies from .3 to 3 angstroms.
Varies Inversely Cubed?
Varying inversely means to vary to the reciprocal, so if p varies inversely as the cube root of q then: p = k/q^3, for some value k With your given p=-11 and q=7: -11 = k/7^3 k = -3773 Then p = -3773/10^3 = -3.773
Which country in Latin America or Spain has the most varying climate?
... is probably the country with the most varied climate. On a per-square-mile basis, my vote... and Mexico are the least varied in climate, I suspect. They exhibit ...