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Who thinks that the Iraqi War is useless?
Useless. The war is absolutely useless. I remember that during the Gulf War, President... a pointless war - and the unilateral aspect of it, so stupid - that has mired this nation into a useless conflict that has killed so many Americans, torn apart a nation, and for what. Revenge...
What are some university degrees that are basically useless?
No degree is useless if it leads to what you want out of life. fine art, a degree that is generallyat the top of the Useless List. He has a beautiful condo in downtown...
Are all gods becoming useless?
Hi, Jorge.... Maybe not useless but at least obsolete ... why not useless? because many ..., the gods have become obsolete but not USELESS on the contrary, never have they served men...
Is yahoo support useless?
No, Yahoo support is not useless they are just experiencing an unusually high volume of customer ...
Why do I feel so useless!?
I understand why you're feeling useless and bad about yourself. But apart from ... your feeling of being useless to one of them with whom you might feel you...
Do you feel useless?
Oh, no! I never feel useless. My family uses me for a scrub mop all the time and that give...crack so I can dry out. Aren't they just wonderful? No, not useless but very much loved!
Is a liberal arts degree useless?
No, it is not useless at all. Quite the opposite. The old, outdated... after you graduate. And foreign languages -- useless? Are you kidding? Look at all the ...
Does anyone else think WWE Superstars (the show) is useless?
Useless? No. Unnecessary? Yes. The matches for...good thing, especially those at the mid-card level, so Superstars isn't "useless". But getting that air-time during RAW or Smackdown...
do you believe that without Jesus your life is useless?
No one is useless. The term I would use instead of useless would be that...claim that they want to live, without Jesus. Are they useless? of course not but their lives are spent ...
Is Aquaman really useless?
No, he's not useless. When you think about it, since he patrols the oceans-70% of...that patrol just one city. I'm sure everyone just thinks he's useless, because all they know is the old super friends cartoon. I'm...