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i have a lovebird and i want to determine its sex?
... to fit eggs through. Comfortably but firmly hold the bird upside down with your non-dominant hand with the bird's belly facing you...
Uh oh I microwave my mushrooms upside downs what can I eat it?
Eat the microwave. If you use a long enough extension cable, you might be able to keep it running until you poop it out again.
question about moving an HDD right after turning it off(read the description)?
Most better HDD will retract the heads instantly when the power goes out, and the spin down only takes about 5 seconds... It should be ok if it has lasted long enough to transfer 500GB
Which RB should i start in my fantasy football for week 1?
... could be a dud, but Montgomery has the bigger upside potential. Good luck!
How to do b) and c) sorry for my upside down pic?
The centripetal force is the NET force on the object. This force must be comprised of the forces on the strings and of gravity. At the highest point the strings and gravity pull in the SAME direction so the force provided...
Drop Jared Goff to pick Deshone Kizer in Free agency?
You should never start either of them over Rivers,so you have to look at the bye week. Since the Browns have the same bye week as the Chargers (week 9), keep Goff.
How can I grow my hair faster?
Massage your scalp with your head hanging upside down (so blood can flow to your head) with castor oil for about 15-20 ...
What is the maximum mass of S8 that can be produced by combining 78.0 g of each reactant?
...g S8 [Your trouble is that you have both mole ratios upside down. If you're going to multiply by them, the product ...
Is it wrong how I enjoy how forward some of my coworkers are at work?
... into angry hairy sweaty man-haters. Colleges really do twist sh*t upside down. Just be glad you are the hell out of college, that marxist hell hole...
Can you Rate my team?, 9th spot Standard?
... should be steady so I'd look for one that has high upside. Maybe A Hooper or C Fleener are available...