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Should I invest in Gold orBitcoin?
...real estate properties and in real estate investment trusts. The upside is not as big but there is little to no downside either. Just regular...
Can a mountain be upside down?
Obviously, the people answering this question have never heard of Mount Flatten and upsidaisium
Took a double dose of allergy nasal spray and now my nose hurts?
Saline nasal spray. Or take some warm salt water and sniff it gently into the nose; or use a dropper, lie on your back with your head hanging off the bed, and put a few drops in your upside-down nose.
Why did my neighbor turn his American flag upside down today?
Maybe he feels this country has turned on him and is in the mud.
Why do people behave sometimes that we owe society something?
... have had their lives turned completely upside down and they can't stand seeing others who choose not to do that...
Could the upside down be real?
If String Theory is correct and all matter and energy is composed of vibrating strings, one possibility from Science Fiction suggests that there could be realities that exist in the same space but...
Are Samsung TV power cords polarized?
Naw, my Samsung TV's power plug is not polarized. If the plug isn't polarized, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to plug it in. It won't damage the TV.
uranus conjunct saturn transit ?
... in life are maybe. Any of this area of life may be turned upside down during this conjunction but in my opinion and experience personally from hindsight of...
My boss has this save the world concept & we've some weird people. There's OCD, a talkholic & a guy who makes fun of me. I came home crying.? think. PS watch some stand up comedy on you tube or something, turn that frown upside down Louis CK's chewed up isnt bad, or dave chappelle'...
NFL: Super Bowl LII winner is __________________! Concuss these 2 questions below?
...decline with Rodgers aging, and the Bears have nothing but potential upside with young talent, despite winning only five games. Pats are...