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Weird bottle from when I was a kid, can't remember. Question for older people.?
It is a dispensing bottle for dispensing a measured amount of liquid like 1 ounce or 1 cup.
South Park: Fatality Demonstration One....?
Do you think Ryan and McConnell wish Hillary had won, right about now?
... their always-fail DEPRESSION-causing upside-down-pyramid-scheme "supply side" (trickle-down) economics between 2001 and 2008 that...
Spiritually speaking, do you agree with Ron White: "It's not that the wind is blowing, it's what the wind is blowing?"?
Prophet Ron is a better prophet than jesus or muhammad
Guys what's the longest you've chased a girl you liked?
... mine was promising,But everything fell upside down. We women fall in love so easily. But sometimes some ...
Who do you admire?
... I'm feeling down; she turns my frown upside down with a a bottle of gin. Always there to place a bottle smile on my...
Will we EVER have a Moslem communist Kenyan Nazi illegal alien socialist atheist Marxist fascist despotic president like Obama again?
Obama again? Roman Catholic sign of the cross is upside down, done with five fingers instead of three, is done from...
Do you think Tim Tebow could've had a long career in the NFL if he switched positions to long snapper?
So, he couldn't throw the ball so you think hed throw it better upside down?
Republican women claim to hate Hillary because she didn't stand up to Bill Clinton's cheating?
They are so full of crap. How many of them and their friends and family have forgiven their cheating men over and over again? And how many claimed it was due to their faith and the desire to keep...
How to stop ants from coming into the house ?
...cup or two of simple syrup. Put it either directly on the ground or on upside down soda lid on their trail or where you see them. They'...