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How can a movement seen as "progressive" be pro-censorship & full of reportniks? How can an "oppressed" class have the power to censor?
... why the world view children seems 180-degress upside-down and entirely backwards. Even in the face of massive ongoing ...
Pros and cons of colored eye contacts?
... obvious that you are wearing fake lenses. The upside is that if you do need corrective lenses, you can have fun with different...
Which of the following could be the equation for a parabola that opens down with vertex (-11, -28)?
A parabola that opens DOWNward will look like an upside-down U, or rather, it'll look like a ∩. The coefficient of the ...
How do I recover paint from a dead spray can, the propellant seems to have leaked out or the thing is plugged, how do I get the paint.?
.... And when your done painting turn the can upside down and spray a little to clear the nozzle. How long to spray is a ...
Poll: Can a cheeseburger be eaten upside down?
yes, but it will be messier. layering the veggies on top of the meat and cheese makes it easier to hold the burger so that everything is contained and doesn't squeeze out.
Who all likes a piece of warm & stickie pineapple upside down cake with a glass of cold milk?
I do. It's good with coffee too.
Spilled big amount of water into keyboard, stopped working, can I fix it?
try desiccated rice [minute rice]. pack it in that, upside down, for three days. then vacuum the rice out. if that fails -- buy a new one
Are Bernie Sanders or bust voters ecstatic now that they got exactly what they wished for by staying home on election day?
That's the only upside... people who said there's "no difference" between Clinton...
Last week I reported a rape that almost 1 year ago. Smelling alcohol gives me horrible panic attacks. Is this normal?
Yes, Associative Sensory Syndrome. Also, common with Déjà vu and in happier times Nostalgia.
Name a well recieved movie that you hate?
... some interesting things in it. BUT, The Upside of Anger got decent critical reviews and i know a lot of...