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Agree or disagree: whatever you think of Milo Yiannopolous he sure has a punchable face?
... alone with him without giving him a good SMACK upside the head in the style of Jethro Gibbs.
Can purified water damage laptop?
Purified or not has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you are screwed. As far as electricity and water are concerned, mixing the two always has the same result. You can wait until Sunday to find out if you killed it...
Anyone know how to get these turned around on a futon frame to keep the mattress from sliding off?
If it's on the bottom, you put the frame together upside-down.
When you sing a song, do you like to change the words and the melody?
Yes.. I convert them to Latin,then sing them hanging upside down while naked. (Just NOT CHRISTMAS CAROLS;Because the whole figgy pudding thing.)
Have you ever wanted to hang upside down naked by your feet, and sing Christmas carols in Latin?
No because if I did that my penis would be near my mouth and I don't want it anywhere near my mouth.
How do I stop the drama with my 11 year old son?
... power over you. So the power structure in your home is upside down. HE is the one who is proactive and you are the one...
Since Melania was the 'fourth man' at the Boston Marathon Bombing, caught on camera with a backpack and radio two blocks over, what to do?
Sometimes reading upside down can tell you something....370HSSV 0773H
Do think the punishment fits the crime?
The death penalty is wrong Death penalty I'm against it because: it does not act as a deterrent, it is costly, much more than life in prison, it is not applied fairly, the criminal justice system that administers it is extremely imperfect, over...
What is the difference between wet cells and dry cells?
... dry cells are better for things that turn upside down from time to time (flashlights, dirt bikes)
What Doom 3 Demon scares you the most and why?
That giant twelve foot demon with yellow machinery for hands and a tv screen for a mouth an eye kinda freaked me out its in doom resurrection the dlc to doom 3 that an the hell knights had me on edge at times