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Am I being used or am I confused?
... suit or throw away umbrella. Shes tearing your world upside down and cheated? And couch hops? And is,a,druggie...
How to get a guy to love you?
Turn that frown upside down, like your question here, cause the right guy will be like a puppy at ...
How do I season a cast iron skillet?
..., use some fresh cloth to wipe out the excess. Then toss it into a hot oven upside down. Like 500 degrees if you're oven is OK with...
what are thoughts of someone waving a mexico flag with the united states flag upside down?
I would assume that I should probably call ICE.
What do you think of bagels?
Sounds very delicious-and now I'm hungry. Love the nutty cream cheeses on a soft warm bagel. Could each several. (at one sitting that is).
How do I denote "is a" in propositional logic?
..., so I'll use E; I don't know how to type the upside-down A, so I'll use A. (Ey)((y>0) ^ (Ax...
I am about 15K upside down on my car loan !! trying to get out of it? have in another comment). You won't be trading that far upside-down. No lender on the planet is going to approve that much negative...
I am homebuilder. I am about to take on a financial partner to build a spec home for the market. What percentage of return should they get?
...that you'd minimize risk from losses, but also probably limit your upside profit. Alternatively, you might be able to find someone to "hold the...
Why can Ben Roethlisberger play in the NFL but not Colin Kaepernick?
... of people in your fan base. Is it worth it? When the upside on Kaepernick is so poor, why would you enrage a chunk of your...
You've seen opossums. What about oscrotums?
They hang upside down on their tails!