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Which alien would you rather fight if you had to fight them, 50 Xenomorphs or a Predator?
... chances with the xenomorphs. However, about the only upside to having to fight 50 xenomorphs is that realistically, I...
Why haven't American commies ever heard of Venezuela?
... people who escaped communism and they'd slap them right upside the head if they encountered them in real life, setting ...
Do you judge someone based upon their beliefs?
...person you've pigeonholed turns your assumptions upside down.
A conical tank has height 3m & radius 2m at the top. Water flows in at a rate of 1.5m^3/min.How fast is the water level(h) rising when h=0.9?
cone is upside-down (vertex down, base up) and h is measured from vertex on ...
I am 21 and my girlfriend is 16, I was just minding my own business, I was beaten, and put upside down in a trash can, can I file a lawsuit?
really? cos the guy who beat you up is also on here asking questions about the same fight!
How can I make another sticky letter to look like the letter that I want it to look like?
... two lower cases C's one over the other, the bottom one upside down and the top one right side up. If it comes with question marks...
Was it hypocritical for Republicans to criticize Obama for golf trips, when Trump takes off every weekend to golf?
... trolls have no actual moral beliefs. On the upside of climate change, have you taken a look at just how close to the water line the...
How rude is it (on a scale from 1 to 10) to hold your dog upside down and rub it's whiskers across your face?
Hope the dog barfs in your face.
Pro Wrestling: Did Scott Steiner have an Attitude issue?
yes, all those roids
Which dessert do you make at home?
...45 min ). Pies , mixed and different flavors Cheese cake Upside down pineapple cake cobblers, different flavors lemon cake, chocolate cake...