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What does "unwittingly" mean in the following context?
Her eyes turned to him "unwittingly" means that she shot a look at him without really intending...
can a person be drawn into religion unwittingly?
...worry about this thing. Yes, it's possible to be drawn into a religion unwittingly - if it seems to offer answers to problems in life; as people...
why did i just eat bread mould, albeit unwittingly?
Well, seeing as it was unwittingly, I'm not sure why you're asking why you did it! ...
Sentence with unwittingly??!!?
The prosecution unwittingly helped the defense attorney's case when he put his witness on the stand.
Christians what function(s) does satan (unwittingly) perform for God?
... is quite an intensive system of conditioning that satan unwittingly prods us into. As the Godly defy satan, resist not evil...
Aren't ALL Who Go To Hell, End Up There Unwittingly?
...not a cruel father just like you do. Nobody will be sent to hell unwittingly (provided hell exists the way you have been preached...
Did John McCain unwittingly set the GOP back even further by making Sarah Palin famous? Will she harm the GOP?
... mate. So, yes, I do believe Senator McCain unwittingly set the GOP back by selecting Sarah Palin as ...
Do atheists unwittingly take part in many of the available "holy days" connected with religion ?
They unwittingly don't get all knowledge.
Has jesus unwittingly become a cult leader?
(NO); Jesus has (NOT) unwittingly become a "cult leader" !
Other than unwittingly being obedient to their father the devil, why would an atheist care that others believe?
... god and jesus said and support. Tell me who is unwittingly worshiping a devil then.