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2 untrained parakeets?
Untrained ?? what ever do you mean untrained ? If they are not hand tame then ...
What is the approximate range of an untrained mezzo soprano?
If you are untrained, there IS no standard range-your range is whatever at this point you ... range with training, so that's why there is no real standard range for untrained voices.
Jehovah's Witnesses why are untrained elders given the power to disfellowship (shun) and destroy families?
JW elders are untrained, and therefore unqualified, in many fields of learning, including...
Could an untrained man beat a professional muay thai woman kickboxer?
Untrained at what? Thai boxing or untrained in any combat sport? If you only...several regular boxers that could get off a punch for a knockout. If you mean untrained in any combat sport, I still thinks it's possible. There...
In Mass Effect what does it mean when it says "untrained" by your weapons?
Basically, being untrained in a weapon means that you have no ability to train in it... are the best weapon to use untrained, followed by Assault Rifles and then...
Whats the difference between a mma fighter and boxer against a untrained fighter?
Untrained fighters simply aren´t trained! The difference is...
Range of untrained voices?
... different. They just ARE. So the ranges of untrained singers--even if they are the same age or have the general voice type...
Cat has untrained herself?
...have 2 cats you should have 3 litter boxes. She hasn't "untrained" herself...she is either sick or upset and stressed out...
10 pro heavyweight MMA fighters vs 50 untrained guys?
50 untrained heavyweight or not heavy weight guys? a heavy weight pro like fedor can take out 3...
Abused, or untrained/unsocialized? are asking is it down to being abused or untrained i would say neither. Unstable and fearful dogs IMO are...