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What is it meant by 'unfurl' here?
they unfurled the flags meaning they unfolded them and hung them up to blow in the wind
What does 'unfurl' mean?
...or folded state, esp. in order to be open to the wind: "a man was unfurling a sail". Unfurling flag on Independence day is the...
what happens when tiny curled up dimensions suddenly unfurl?
...the large spacial dimensions were once curled up, and then "unfurled" at the time of the big bang. Goodbye
Does anyone know where I can find a video of how sails were unfurled on 19th century ships?
Try watching this. There are numerous shots of unfurling courses, top sails, jib sails etc.
What do you think this song means? (Unfurl by Katatonia)?
...come and reach out for his soul and let his "angel" wings unfurl. Just let go.. -Its time to choose side- The narrator either...
is it appropriate or not to unfurl and fly a flag that was presented to you at a funeral?
Totally appropriate. Most would like to to maintain it as a keepsake in memory of the military member, but to unfurl it and to use it as it was intended is in my opinion a greater honor.
Which is your favorite, Zizzyfay Unfurled or Zizzyfay Original? (see more)?
the original one, smooth
Healing heart unfurled c/c?
Soulful Blues knows his stuff! I did just want to say your poems have the grandeur of a snowfall, beautiful ,serene - but with the same hushed quiet. Beautiful.
What is a 'sail unfurled'?
Well, in light wind you want the sail to form a pocket so that it catches more wind in heavy windy you want the sail to be flat so you heel more and less wind gets caught in the sail. What the song is saying is when you open the sail it catches wind so it...
can flowers be used in indian national flag for unfurling?
In Shamanism, the flowers would represent as part of Mother Earth, I feel that Eagle Feathers would better represent on an American Indian National Flag.