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Am I undateable?
NO ONE is undateable! My current gf told me that and we have been ...personality and interests. again please remember NO ONE is undateable! Good luck to ya!
GIRLS ANSWER. Is it possible that I'm 'undateable'?
NO ONE is undateable. No one. You may have to be a little more assertive. You may...
Am I Considered Undateable?
...'m 21, a virgin & never been on a date, I don't consider you undateable because you are a 25 year old virgin, that never been on a date & no dude...
What is it about me that makes me undateable?
I have an identical problem.....I am completely undateable. I think they get certain vibes - it has to be that because...
Does joining MENSA make one undateable?
...but if I were still single I don't think I would be undateable at all. I'm a lot of fun on a date. It's all about the individual...
if MGTOWs and antifeminists werent undateable losers, would they still be MGTOWs and antifeminists?
Your assumption that MRAs, MGTOWs etc are all undateable is simply untrue. Indeed, in many cases, the reason why many have...
can undateable mean. . .?
...ever been in one or even a date. To say that doesn't make me undateable, I don't wear my heart on my sleeve and go for anyone or let...
Am i completely undateable?
... times. Anyhoo, not the point. Your most definably not undateable. Ive never heard of an undateable person. You just have to wait...
Am I really that undateable?
You're not undateable say all. When a girl learns about your family, she automatically...
I'm undateable but want to get married?
You are not undateable. You should not settle for what you do not like just to be with a man. He...