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Were the New Testament writers addressing converted or unconverted people? If converted what basic...? the book of Acts were addressing a believing yet unconverted people. Every trip he makes it would appear his first stop...
Spiritually: What is the danger of an unconverted ministry?
...most... the Love of a Shepherd for his flock... A unconverted ministry can't lead anyone home to God our Father. God...
How to find a property? Specifically Unconverted/project?
I think your problem is that rent and unconverted don't go together. Buy and unconverted do, but most people don't want to...
Theists only please: Is it better to preach the converted or unconverted?
Unconverted. God dislikes when people are too intelligent to believe in Him.
Where can I buy Unconverted Neopets?
You can use (link below) to buy your unconverted neopets. They're more than reliable, and I've actually...
What does it mean to be unconverted?
The unconverted are those who have not been converted yet.
What was the compromise by which Puritans allowed unconverted children...?
I believe it was called the Half-Way Covenant.
Muslims, if I die unconverted?
Hey, I like your Question. As per my knowledge they are conveying the Allah's message that if all Non Muslim people are Kafirs. And I must tell them, they do all this without...
Have you ever unconverted?
Does true God demand all men every where repent as unconverted Peter (called Satan) said about his God winked?
It looks a lot more like an exercise in cherry-picking verses out of context, adding your own interpretations to them, and asking others to explain what you are trying to say. It lacks the academic...