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Who is telling the truth , George Zimmerman or Tryvon Martin's family ?
Why would he {Zimmerman} NOT lie...he has the whole country looking at him in disgust, he shot someone and killed them, then finds out he was a decent kid getting candy from the store...he has to lie or he'd be...
the tryvon martin killing?
Stop hollering racism! The guy was defending himself. Why was the 17 yr old walking around a gated community that he didnt belong to? This is stupid. Cry racism. You all are crazy. A bunch...
tryvon martin autopsy?
There apparently wasn't an actual autopsy - after all there wasn't an actual investigation. There's an article from the embalmer who prepared Trayvon's body for the funeral who made a few comments. One was that he was shot in the upper chest...
is tryvon martin's friend/girlfriend ?
She is not rtarted.. I'm not sure you are totally with it.
Autopsy says Tryvon was on drugs at time of death?
All I want is for a fair trial. If the evidence backs up Zimmerman, so be it. It's still way to early too be trusting every new bit of info that comes out, but whatever the facts say, they say. It should be noted that...
Is the Tryvon Martin murder trial different then Nicholle Simpson?
OJ was a fight over forensic evidence. Not a lot of forensic evidence in this one. And the "star" witness acts like she would be more comfortable on an episode of Scared Straight....not believable at all. Seriously...she "heard the wind" on...
Light of Tryvon/Zimmerman case, under what set of circumstances.?
I would imagine anyone could do it at any time. They merely need to be prepared to handle the expected investigation into the matter. By the same token, the public needs to sit back, relax and wait to hear what the authorities say before they scream for blood. I'm...
Do you think that Tryvon Martin would have saved those 4 people?
I like how you're totally fine with saying terrible things about a dead teenager. If it were your son, would you be so comfortable with saying this stuff? Or even hearing it? Also, no one can be sure what Martin would have done...
what are your thoughts on the Tryvon Martyn case?
I'm white. This angers me and my family. The police run things and have their agenda. There's no checks and balances. That's called a police state; not the America we're...
what do you think about the Tryvon martin case?
I think George zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty and we should let the police do their jobs and finish the investigation. If the evidence shows George did use self defence and was attacked, fine...