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What is the bible definition of treachery?
Treachery, in Hebrew, is Ma'eela (מעילה). The ... to another religion, (known as an apostate) would be committing treachery. See Lev 26:40, Joshua 22:16,22,31, Ezekiel 17...
What makes Treachery a sin?
First the definition treach·er·y ˈtreCH(ə)rē/ noun betrayal of trust; deceptive action or nature. Lies...
What exactly does Treachery mean?
Treachery simply put means to betray ones trust like if you are a teenager or have been and you do something that shames your family and makes them not trust you
"Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill" - What do you think about this quote?
It's saying wisdom (from age) and deceptive cunning (treachery) will always overcome youth (innocent naivety) and skill (knowledge). And it's right...
Is the word "treachery" derived from "traitor"?
"Treachery" means very tricky, full of deceits to fool someone "Traitor" denotes unfaithfulness, an apostate, a deserter and etc. So, they are different words with different meanings.
What are your favorite quotes regarding pride and treachery?
Are you asking for a single quote that includes both pride and treachery in it, or multiple quotes that deal with pride and treachery separately? If...
Explain the Quote: Gratitude and treachery are merely the two extremeties of the same procession? extremes which are not good. in this case Gratitude and treachery. in my mind both have to do with the level of happiness over an outcome. if ...
Dante Inferno Treachery?
Masters influence others to a greater extent than family and friends do, so the treachery has deeper and wider consequences.
The use of the word treachery...?
... sentence, as expressed, doesn't make sense. Try: My treachery was exposed because he was a large man and could see over the...
How could Lady Macduff's statement about treachery apply to Macbeth?
This definition is quoted from Treachery: –noun, plural -er⋅ies. 1. violation of faith; betrayal of trust; treason. 2...