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translating languages?
There are translating sites like Google Translate, however I don't recommend...
german lyrics needed translated?
... about poland. this one's about russia. I don't have the time to translate everything and it's difficult to understand although i'm a native german speaker. really...
how to translate mail in yahoo mail?
TRANSLATE LANGUAGE Click on MORE and then click on " on DONE... and if the above does not work click on this link Enter an address in the box and the entire web page ...
Do you know any site for translating text?Except
Translate text to and from English and other languages including..., Greek, Chinese, Spanish, and
there are a few decent translating sites out there, like, but keep in mind that a computer is...
..., come stai ?" This is the most used form which translates, "Hello, how are you ?" Instead of "Ciao...
what is your idea about google translate to french?
Google Translate occasionally says something right. But most of the time it is ungrammatical... reading a website in a language you don't know. It can translate enough words for you to understand what the message is trying to...
Translate from Spanish please?
Google Translate is not useful for translating entire sentences and can often change...put one up that doesn't have any problems. See ya." not literally translated
Can someone who speaks Thai translate?
Google translate fails at translating Thai haha, please don't listen to...
how do you translate audio from youtube videos?
... Youtube Transcribe Audio and Youtube Translate Captions.Transcribe Audio used to display the translation...