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What would you say/do if I told you, “you can’t sit next to me” on a train or bus?
I wouldn't sit there, cause for all I know, you're a psycho who's going to start screaming, or physically attack me. I would just find another place to sit, or stand.
What would be good policies on gun control? licensed individually. 2. No gun license to be issued without training and formal assessment at a licensed shooting range. 3. Guns at...
Was the Nazi German Military strong back then? Everyone at my school says they were the weakest military to exist.?
... army, navy and air force in the Nazi era were very strong, well trained, well equipped and well disciplined. They were greatly...
Why were swords ever used instead of spears..?
...alley or inside your house? Look up any martial arts system that trains spear/staff combat (e.g. kali). You'll likely find that they also put just as...
I made a post on a subreddit of Japan explaining the miscarriage of justice in Japan especially towards sexual assault and I was banned. Why?
Similar to racism in America. Only a generation or two ago black people were forced to sit at the back of any bus and were not permitted to enter many premises.
Why are Trump supporters OK with Trump and his people working with the Russians?
... against me must be fraudulent. I'm also got them trained to respond to any such accusation with, "But what about Hillary?"...
Is it Legal For my coach to make me run outside when its below 32 degrees?
Yes. I wonder where you are that you would consider that it might be illegal. How do you think coaches train their athletes during the winter in Minnesota?
Where will you be on Christmas Eve?
Driving 30 miles and back home, to collect my daughter from her job, as the trains aren't running.
How many cups of green tea do you consume on a daily basis?
Twice a week; I enjoy being healthy.
What age should girls start dancing?
The truth is real training doesn’t start until age 7/8 when both mind and body...then. When looking for proper and safe training, look for a good school that is ballet focus. ...