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That is a toughie. See what you can work with. Can you do anything that wouldn't hurt...
She said that because, he don't pay her any attention. So take it for what it is, he likes you! And she see's that and she is going to say what ever she can to make you think the same of him. I am saying this because...
Girls: Do you want a 'toughie' or a 'softie'?
It really depends on them as a whole. I think guys who are toughies are big turn ons But then again, I love boys who melt my heart. So a sofughy haha
In regards to horses, what are 'wimpies, tweeners, and toughies'?
...way, it probably means that they put all the aggressive horses together (the toughies), the ones that usually get picked on together (the wimpies), then...
Real Toughie?
Look at the Ideal Gas Law. PV-nRT. So, n=PV/RT. If all factors are equal, moles are equal. If the volume was 1/2 in one but all other factors were equal, then...
Tanning Toughie?
Okay they are both not good for your skin. I would say that if you wanted a tan than get a spray on one. They won't harm your skin like the sun and tanning beds will. And if you choose to lay outside in the sun, make sure to use...
Why is the formula for ammonium hydrogen phosphate (NH4)2HPo4?
PO4 = 3- ion = phosphate HPO4 = 2- ion = hydrogen phosphate NH4+ must = 2+ for a neutral compound = ammonium ion since it states "hydrogen phosphate", this is HPO4 2- ion so we need 2 NH4+ to balance the negative 2 charge of the ion (NH4)2HPO4
toughies (math)?
For the first one: 10^K=1/2. To find k, take the natural log (ln) of 1/2 and divide it by the natural log (ln) of 10. On your calculator it would be (ln(.5))/(ln(10)). Once you have k, enter it back into the equation 10k+3.
toughie feelings....................?
Wait until you meet some who you really love.
What is the Chem Formula for ammonium hydrogen phosphate?