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What is the difference between North Korea and South Korea?
...split up a lot of families. But what we have is the most loony totalitarian communist government in the world in North Korea, thanks to the...
Conservatives always say obama ruined the country but never explain how he ruined it. What did Obama do?
... name it and the 2001-2008 Republican totalitarianism had damaged it. Our second-most profitable source of...
Why are atheists more peaceful than theists? Is it their superior intellect? Does religion corrupt everything it touches?
... ideology and those that are not. In fact, 20th-century totalitarian movements were no more defined by a rejection of Judaeo...
is china still a communist?
Totalitarian communist
Why do people hate homosexual people anyway?
.... Only certain sorts of people hate them: Bullies, Totalitarians, Wanna-be's, Scaredy-cats, Femmes-fatales...
Would conservatives love to see the horse and buggy return and cars stop being made?
...can't make available. We do not believe in climate change that was the totalitarian mess they created To shut down business and tale away jobs and...
Why don't protestants worship the lord's Saints?
... for his/her faith by a Muslim extremist or a Totalitarian form of Government We see examples of "saints...
Will Liberals love the next Cuban Communist Dictator?
Of course they will. There's no Totalitarian Overlord they don't worship. ....Thats why they hate Trump.
Are accountants totalitarians?
Your analysis just doesn't add up. You're on the ledger and losing your balance. Checksum more into this. If you know one of them, you should column.
Why did George Orwell know so much about socialism?
...two main works -- the anti-communist Animal Farm and the anti-totalitarian 1984. Both socialism and totalitarianism require the abuse of human rights...