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If Donald loses in 2020 shouldn’t all his stormtrumpers move to a totalitarian country like South Africa?
Are you crazy? Of course not!! North Korea for sure!
is China still a communist country?
It is still a totalitarian regime, with a Capitalist economy. It still restricts just who can be a Capitalist and who cannot be.
Do you agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Should air travel be banned???
... just a smoke and mirrors tactic to turn the US into a communist/totalitarian state.
Will liberals turn into the "thought police" if their unchecked totalitarian ways get out of control?
Most definitely, never trust person that needs to have control they are a very dangerous.
Why do libs think that the nazis is right-wing even though they have SOCIALIST in there name?
... Democratic Republic even though it was a totalitarian communist government. Having a word in a name means nothing. Nazis...
Would America as a Socialist nation contribute less to Global Warming?
... non socialists are much cleaner and efficient. Totalitarian regimes like China, Venezuela and Russia don'...
Which is more accurate? Social Justice Terrorists (SJTs) or Social Justice Nazis (SJNs)?
Either works for me, although I think Social Justice Totalitarians is more accurate.
What is dumber: claiming that Trump single-handedly improved the economy on his own or claiming that Obama caused the 2008 crash?
... surplus! Then came the 2001-2008 fiscally illiterate GOP totalitarian control of House, Senate, and the White House that...
is China more capitalist than Usa?
Economically yes, and significantly less ethical about their capitalism. Socially,they are still largely totalitarian. They only loosen up on social issues, when they perceive it will increase output.
Which made America great (in the eyes of the world) Democracy or capitalism?
...down" and "deregulate everything" (dereliction of duty) Republicans have totalitarian power, we get massive debt and nearly fatal recessions (1929-1938 Great...