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What you think of china ban islam?
...would not hesitate to torture people to give up their religious beliefs Totalitarian intolerance of Militant atheists is in display. It will...
What would you think of Christianity if you got all your info from this site?
...from one website?". This is kind of true for people living in totalitarian states.
Which was the first nation to have a totalitarian and self-sufficient economy?
Before capitalism, all of them.
Why don’t Christians learn to tell the truth? All of them know that there is no God?
Most Christians use 'God' for psychological reasons, you know they feel safe and comfortable having a supernatural creature watching over them. It's like enjoying life in a totalitarian state.
Why are trumpies not worried that several CIA officials are saying their leader is stifling our freedom of speech?
Trump supporters are looking forward to a fascist dictatorship. They're the scum of the earth.
Progressives, how is saying that all white people have 'white privilege' not a judgement of white people based on...?
Of course it is, and stop calling them progressives. They believe only in the progressive government control of any and every aspect of human life. They are bigotted, hateful, racist, totalitarian national socialists.
Do millenials realize they want a totalitarian nation when they ask for more strict gun control?
No...but they are the only group who can name all of the members of the Kardashian family.
Excluded from?
...the content of the sentence because I do not see how a dictatorship can be "non-totalitarian", but presumably you have read Arendt or seen a summary of ...
China and Communism?
There are political systems, economic systems, and social systems. Communism refers to a political party and government management. China is now very capitalist also as a member of the World Trade...
Why do liberals want gun control?
They want to make it easier for the government to be able to be totalitarian.