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Are atheists afraid of muslims?
...and fanatics who quietly move into powerful positions and then institute totalitarian policies that end up slaughtering anyone who does not agree with...
Identity politics is, by definition, racism. Why can't the left understand this?
...again. So it’s really just a combination of stupidity, and repulsive nasty fascist totalitarian impulses.
What has caused Kathleen Kennedy's obsession with politics?
She likes injecting pop culture with soy and SJW themes.
People on the right, how much are you enjoying watching the Dems and leftists self destruct?
... agree with much of what he does, except show up the left wing as the nasty totalitarians they always have been.
Why do feminists and blue pilled chads always assume that if a man is a misogynist, it means he must not be desirable to women?
... feminism has become in many ways a religion, and an authoritarian and totalitarian one at that which believes it can do no wrong and has adopted...
Did the life experiences of Karl Marx influence his ideals about the relationship between the citizens and the state?
...naked communist ) they lay out The complete work of democrats and Totalitarians and how they infiltrated America and waged war on ...
Question about Robspierre?
...also reference the cult of supreme being which mad him seem much more like a totalitarian dictator.
What policy is your local Leftist Congressional candidate running on?
what they are all running for..... an absolute totalitarian police state.... with them in control of course....... they will say anything to get elected
Do Democrats snowflakes realize that Hillary Clinton is NOT my President?
... the retake congress and the white house. It May sound crazy but totalitarians are known For this genocide method of domination of Entire...
Why are liberals so conservaphobic?
Because liberals want a totalitarian society where everyone has the same warped views as they do...