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Are you aware that the Jews were firsts robbed of their gun rights before their slaughter? Are you aware that your not different?
Yes I did. Nazis and totalitarians of all stripes including Democrats want desperately to disarm...
How do I deal with keeping my job?
sounds like thing have improved somewhat and maybe the new people have realized after everyone left their managing skills were lacking they gave you more money and things seem to be better, give it a chance
Is USA becoming a totalitarian country? I am confused?
I'm confused about your confusion, the USA is already a totalitarian country.
China suggests the USA should have the same gun restrictions as they do to prevent the Florida shooting. What are your thoughts?
china can kiss my rear end and needs to mind their own business ..
So selling gays a cake is supporting their lifestyle, but selling guns to a mass shooter isn't supporting their crime?
....  It is no longer a practical defense against a totalitarian government. The ballot box provides for that.  We need sane gun...
what is worse: Communism or Fascism?
They are both totalitarian evils. Enslaving the masses, for the benefit of the select few...
do people know that the two party system is an illusion?
... that, whichever party wins the election, the government is, in truth, a totalitarian one. The “choice” is a mere distraction from the true objective.
Is North Korea is a mix of a fascist and a totalitarian goverment or a communist goverment what do you think?
it is a totalitarian regime that is fascist in nature. fascism is defined...which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating...
Why do Muslim Countries hate Israel?
... Revolution saw the Shah's exile and the rise of totalitarian Islamic theocracy in Iran. This new Iranian government...
Will electric cars to combat global warming produce more government surveillance?
...people moving around. Controlling movement of people is something totalitarian governments are known for so I hope they proceed with...