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please help...i'm looking for the song...with the lyrics"dance like there's no tomorrow"please help...?
... Abdul-Dance Like There's No Tomorrow All I... lost in the night And dance like there's no tomorrow Don't care about the sunrise ...
I'm going to buy a violin but there's a special way to buy it and i don't know?
There's not really a "special way" to buy a violin. But you have to go to a music store...
okay so there's guy...?
Well.. the situation is looking a little vague. There's a guy, you want him, you need advice, lol. Never let a good thing pass...
There's this guy(so confused), please help?
There's two things that could be going on here: a) Once he ...
I Feel Like There's Something Wrong? Cause you're better than that And you don't need it There's nothing wrong with you The moment that we dread It comes all...
How many Final Fantasies do they have to make before people realize that there's nothing final about it?
There's a reason to why the Final Fantasy series is called...
So...there's this girl....?
...when you get up in the morning, you need to say to yourself: "I'm hot, there's no reason she shouldn't like me" and say that when you see her, too...
Help!!-There's a________hiding___________!!??!!?
there's an obese hobbit hiding upside down in the microwave..unfortunately, it's probably too fat to get back out.
Atheists! Do you believe in love, even though there's no evidence it exists?
There's tons of evidence for love. It's just a label we give to certain well...
Why if there's a minimum wage federally regulated aren't there rules of pay increases also a part of this?
No, there's not. Congress has to raise minimum wage for it to go up. The...