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correct use of "therefore"?
"Therefore" is a conjunction, and yes, you can start a sentence with it, especially when you need...a previous sentence: "I won't be needing this math book anymore. Therefore, if you'd like to borrow it, it's yours." The spell checker has...
What does the word therefore mean?
therefore - as a result of the reason that has just been mentioned Therefore is used as a way of showing how a sentence or clause is...
Thereby vs Therefore?
Therefore; adverb, means- for that reason We were unable to arrange ...
"I think therefore I am" or "I think therefore I'm not"?
"I think therefore I am" ~~~ This saying is...) Which makes more sense? "I think therefore I am" ~~~ As above explained...
hitler was an evolutionist, therefore .....?
Therefore evolution devalues human life. If Hitler believed that...
"I think, therefore, I AM." What?
"I think therefore I am", could be restated to say " I think, therefore...
Therefor...Therefore ?
...get through your spelling checker, but they mean different things. Therefore with a final e is by far the more common word; it means "for that...
What is the difference between therefore and therefor?
therefore: in consequence of that; as a result; consequently: 'I think; therefore I am.' fore: first in place, time, order, rank, etc.; forward...
God thinks, therefore we are?
No, that should read: We think, therefore god is. i.e. god (all of them - later on that!) is..., ALL gods are false. Yep - We think, therefore god is.
Oil is skyrocketing, therefore green energy stocks should...?
Oil (and therefore Gas) prices have been very volatile in recent many different technologies and are not fully developed. Therefore, as Oil and Gas are immediately available, while green energy ...